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Dance Fitness Exercise

Dance fitness exercise is putting fun into exercise and as with anything else if its fun to do there is a better chance that you are going to stick with it.

Couples Dance Class

Dance And Fitness

This latest fitness fad has made a transition from the nightclubs to the gyms and yes, it is defiantly fun.

Fitness & Dance ~ Shake Your Booty and Lose Weight

Dancing classes are hot and springing up everywhere. You and the girls start for fun and wow do you work up a sweat. Let's think about that: sweating, fun, moving to a beat, doesn't that kind of sound like exercise? It has all the earmarks of a great way to shed some unwanted pounds.

While Dancing with the Pounds may not be Dancing with the Stars it's a great way to drop some unwanted pounds and start feeling great. So if you are ready to try dance for fitness here are the top dance crazes that are making their rounds.

Dance Fitness Workouts

Aerobic Dance Fitness

These are fast paced classes that combine dance moves with aerobics either using an aerobic step or on the floor. You are working your legs, buns, and heart as you perform step aerobics routines and then the steps become more fluid with some hot Latin dance moves such as the cumbia thrown in for good measure. Although step aerobics are hard, the dancing component adds some choreography.

Ballroom Dancing Classes

Who would have thought that such a high society form of dance would hit the mainstream and become dance fitness exercise? It's not the ballroom dancing of the 19th century. With quick moves, spins, throws, and dips, the ballroom dancing of today is hotter than ever. It is all that balancing work that keeps the dancers in such good shape for competitions.

Couples Dance Classes

More and more couples are finding that they can have a good time and work up a sweat in a dance class. These classes are held in small studios. Choose your style: Fox trot, salsa, ballroom, or freestyle. Get a few friends together and try a class. You'll learn some new moves and get in some physical activity three or more days a week.

Hip hop Choreography

Dance Fitness Exercise Who wouldn't want to dance like the girls on stage at a concert? Learning how to move your body takes practice. The majority of the steps depend on balance and a strong core. After you finish stomping, jumping, and turning, your body will be in great shape.

Zumba Dance Classes

This class is really gaining popularity. It is a mix of salsa, merengue, and other Latin styles put to stirring music that makes the workout more of an experience than an exercise. Several hundred calories can be burned in an hour from twirling, kicking, and twisting.

Dancing is the next big thing in fitness trends. Does it work? Yes. Participants don't feel like they are working out but their bodies still reap the benefits. You'll work muscles you didn't even know you had. So girls, get out there and shake your booty to lose some weight and have fun! Enjoy, dance fitness exercise

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Updated October 19, 2011

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