Damaging Your Skin

You may not know it, but you are damaging your skin. Now in all fairness, you may not realize the harm that you are doing to your own skin and there will always be some exceptions where women put a lot of effort into keeping skin healthy.

Protect Your Skin From Damage

Skin damage is literally everywhere. It is almost impossible however, to find a person without some sort of skin damage. 

Even something as unnoticed as a freckle is a form of permanent damage to your skin and you would be very surprised to see the amount of damage you've incurred under a UV light.

Most of this is due to the harmful rays of sunlight. You need to understand the specifics before you can start protecting your skin and stop further damage.

Damaging Your Skin Through Dehydration

Dehydration is a problem that people with varied skin types can all suffer from. In areas that are very dry with hot climates, this can be even more of a concern. Dehydration can easily occur in the more tropical climates which are quite humid and wet as well because people tend to sweat more and lose more of their body's natural water storage.

Your skin will do what it can to hold onto that moisture but it needs a little help. Similarly, people think that winter is a time when skin is less likely to become dehydrated because it is colder and there is less sweating but winter can be a devastating time for the skin, especially at the change of the season.

Drinking water to some extent will help you stay hydrated throughout the year but be careful not to drink too much. When water is not released or there is too high a salt intake, your body will naturally begin to retain that water causing bloating, pressure and pain. 

Even though we get water in many forms it is best to drink it plain and at room temperature. Beverages like coffee and tea have caffeine in them which draws out the water and juice is generally good for the body but they are no substitute for the real thing.

If you don't like the idea of drinking water, why not get some vitamin or flavored water? Anything to get into the habit. You could also try lemon or orange water.

The more hydrated you become, the more your skins surface texture will improve and you will find that surface wounds heal more easily as well.

Sun Skin Damage

Sun damage is a problem for everybody, no matter where they are in the world. There are a number of signals that your skin is suffering damage from sunlight.

You could break out in a new bout of freckles, "beauty spots" or moles. These all have the ability to become cancerous after prolonged exposure to the sun. This is your body's attempt at protecting your skin from the harmful rays by creating melanin in those areas. The browner your skin is, the more resistant you will be but no one is exempt from needing to wear sunscreen. 

Be sure to keep a close watch on moles in particular. If you see that it is changing shape or in color ask your general practitioner to check it out for you.

Similarly, itchy or raised moles can be the first signs of a developing skin cancer. As you age you will notice that your skin is not as plump and elastic as it once was. Exposing yourself regularly to the sun will only speed up the process and again, you will be damaging your skin.

Author: Tanna Mayer

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