Cuticle Repair Information

About Cuticle Repair

Cracked cuticles can be very uncomfortable. Particularly in winter people seek out cuticle repair not only for comfort but so that their hands don’t look aged, rough and dry. Winter weather contributes to cracked cuticles both from the cold, and from houses where the heaters dry up the air and our fingernails with it. Following is cuticle care information to help you with these problems and to take better care of your fingernails.

Cuticle Repair 101

There are various things you can do easily at home to treat your cuticles. One is buying a commercial cuticle moisturizer. Look for products that have Vitamin E, sweet almond oil, shea butter cream and/or jojoba. All of these items are good for treating dry cuticle skin.

If you don’t want to get a cuticle moisturizer you can look to any of those items individually for treating your cuticles. Rub them gently with Vitamin E oil or shea butter. Honey is also a good moisturizer.

When you do trim and file your nails, avoid using metal as this will aggravate the condition. Also remember that over-grooming can cause problems with your cuticles too and may even lead to infections.

The role of Diet in Nail health

You are what you eat. Poor nutrition manifests in our bodies, including our fingernails. If you’re not drinking enough water, consuming too much alcohol or not getting enough Vitamin A, B, C, D and E along with minerals like calcium and zinc, your cuticles may begin to dry and crack.

Lifestyle changes

When your cuticles are damaged, you should try to avoid harsh cleaning solutions, soaps, etc. so as to not make matters worse. Consider moisturizing your hands before bed every night and wearing cotton gloves. By wearing the gloves you’re protecting your fingernails and the surrounding skin from drying out.

Summary Cuticle Repair Information

Cuticle repair isn’t overly difficult and its certainly worth your time to ease the discomfort and awkwardness of dry, cracked cuticles. Once you begin treating your cuticles with some type of moisturizer consistently, you should notice a substantive difference within a week.

If you do not, you may want to consider seeing a physician to determine if the cause of the problem is something other than environmental. We hope this cuticle repair information helps you to have pretty hands and nails.


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