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Cute Short Hairstyles, Keep It Short, Style It Cute!

short cute bob hairstyleDo you enjoy versatility in your hair, but feel limited because of the fact that you have short hair? There is good news! There are a number of cute short hairstyles that can be achieved – with even the shortest of hair.

If you have the right cut, have a little bit of creativity, and can work the magic of the various tools and various hair products and accessories on the market today, you can achieve a cute short haircut that perfectly defines your facial shape, brings out the beauty of your facial features, and reflects your unique personality.

Here, we will offer the styling steps that are involved for two of the cutest short haircuts to ever be displayed.

Asymmetrical Short Bob

The asymmetrical short bob is an extremely popular hairstyle when it comes to those that are short. With this particular bob, it is important to ensure that the hair is near or a little bit over ear length on the sides, and the back is shorter.

The bangs should also be a bit on the long side. You should start with wet hair, as this will help ensure that the styling products that you use are able to set the style appropriately.

You may elect to shampoo and condition your hair beforehand, but this is up to you.

style stepsOnce you are ready to style your hair, the first thing that you should do is apply a generous amount of mousse to the hair.

style stepsOnce you have applied the mousse, you should get a hair blower and dry the hair on the lowest setting possible. You will want to use a hard bristle brush while drying the hair. It is important to dry the bangs to one side, and hairspray them as you do so.

style stepsThen, one side of the hair should be blown slightly towards the face. The other side of the hair should be blown slightly back. This will ensure success in achieving the look and feel of this short hairstyle.

style stepsNow, once the hair is nearly dry, but not completely dry, you should quit using the hair dryer. You should spray some leave in conditioner and smoothing shine in the hair.

style steps Once you have completed these steps, you can apply the hairspray to set the style. That is all there is to it!

Spiked Height

short cute spiked hairstyleLet’s say that you are looking for something with a little more flair, something more creative, something cutting-edge when it comes to cute short hairstyles…if this is the case, then you will love what we refer to as the spiked height hairstyle.

style steps In order to achieve this look, you should start by cleaning the hair and allowing it to remain wet. Once this is done, gather up the hair dryer, a hard bristle brush and a circular type brush.

style steps You should then hold your head down and flip the hair so that you are brushing from the bottom base of the hair to the ends of the hair. While doing this, you should spray the hair with hairspray.

style steps Once you have completed this step, you should take the hair dryer and dry the hair with the head still held down on a medium heat setting.

It is important to consistently brush the hair while you are drying it.
style steps Now, you should put your head in an upright position and dry the sides back.

style stepsOnce the sides are completely dry and feathered back, you should take the circular brush and dry the bangs while spraying them with hairspray.

style stepsOnce the hair is dry, you should take a pick and comb out the bangs and tease them. You should then brush some control on the sides, and then hairspray all of the hair.

This makes a really cute short hairstyle for those who love trend setting.


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