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Curves Fitness Centers

Curves fitness centers are one of the hottest fads in fitness. Curves markets its exercise option to women. And, women are responding by signing up and trying out the workout. Does it work?

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Get in Shape at Curves

Let's examine the centers. A lot of women dislike fitness gyms or centers. More to the point, we dislike showing our bodies at fitness gyms and centers. We would like to wear some comfortable workout gear but we opt instead for the baggy shorts or pants and the oversize T-shirt. Anything else could be jut too embarrassing with men around.

It's not like that at all gyms. People do go there to work out and not to find a date. But, women who feel self conscience about their bodies don't go to these centers or gyms if they can help it. Where else can they go to work out?

Now, there are the Curves centers. Curves is an exercise facility totally for women. You can come in your comfortable exercise clothes that may hug the curves and feel just fine in the company of others who also want to feel comfortable.

Curves Circuit Training

Curves tells women that if they have 30 minutes, they can get into shape. Their workout revolves around the idea of circuit training. With circuit training, a person moves from one piece of equipment to the next with only 30-60 seconds between sets. Curves plays upbeat music which stops when it is time to move to the next piece of equipment and a recorded voice tells you " time to change stations."

The circuit training at Curves alternates cardio exercises with strength training to burn fat and build muscle. And, the program can be completed in 30 minutes. If you have an hour for lunch or time before or after work, you can go into a Curves center and get your workout in for the day.

Who Can Join A Curves Center?

Any woman can join the Curves centers. At Curves, membership at one site means that you can visit any site and work out. If you are vacationing and want to continue your workouts, find a Curves fitness center and spend 30 minutes getting fit. Why do women keep going? Convenience is a factor. With a circuit training program, the participants keep moving. When it's time to change, everyone moves to the next piece of equipment. There is great support from the trained Curves staff.

The CurveSmart System

Each machine uses what they call the CurvesSmart system. It is a fitness coaching program that adjusts to your level of fitness while continually making changes to challenge you. Members get the opportunity to learn about diet and nutrition and how it plays a part in your health.

Added to that, members can connect online to find support for their exercise and healthy eating plan. Curves is still working for many women. As the Curves program has evolved, the changes have helped to keep the experience fresh and new for members and no one will be surprised when Curves for men start popping up. I found Curves fitness centers comfortable, clean, and convenient and encourage you to give them a try, so get ready to change stations.

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Updated October 19, 2011

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