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Crystal Glass Nail Files

About Crystal Nail Files

Long lasting nail files are becoming more and more popular for a variety of reasons. Let's take the example of Crystal glass nail files. This form of nail file was created for functionality and durability. With prices that average below $8.00 each, that's a potent combination. Crystal glass nail files come to us from a variety of manufacturers. The idea behind them was to marry two very popular files into one product.

In some instances, the crystal glass file has become what carnival glass items were in the early 1900s – a very successful promotional item that can be monogrammed, branded or printed with logos.


People who use crystal glass nail files report they are very easy to clean and also perform up to expectations. In particular, the finishing qualities of the crystal glass file seem very professional without having to see a nail stylist.

Additionally, crystal glass files can be used for pedicures – meaning the applications have not simply doubled, but quadrupled.


Similar to other higher-end nail files, crystal glass products are gentle on your hands. You can anticipate smooth nails without any tears or sharp areas. With a little practice your nails will have a fantastic look and finish.

For those who enjoy artificial nails, you will be happy to know that you can care for the artificial nails with this product too. Crystal nail files do not have porous surfaces, so you’ll never have to be worried about mold or fungus. In fact, the hygienic nature of crystal glass files meets FDA requirements. They are also dishwasher safe!

Some crystal glass nail files come with really great warrantees. The companies trust in the durability and safety of crystal. Professionals seem to agree – crystal glass nail files grind beautifully without aggravation and still create that beautiful finish that makes clients happy.

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