What Causes Crows Feet Eyes

Crows feet eyes. Why? Crows feet are the wrinkles just outside of the corners of your eyes. They are most visible when smiling and are the result of loss of collagen under the skin.

There are several causes to crows feet eyes and all have their root in the collagen and supporting fibers under the skin's surface.

Aging, sun exposure, and situations that can cause collagen to deteriorate all contribute to crow's feet.

As your grow older, cells fail to divide as rapidly as they once did. Combine this with a slowing of collagen production, as well as a loss of subcutaneous fat under the skin and the result is loose skin that wrinkles.

When skin grows older, it loses its elasticity and won't have the same tautness that it had when younger.

Since estrogen is an important factor in collagen production, wrinkles, including crow's feet, often become more pronounced after menopause.

More Causes Of Crows Feet Eyes

Other conditions that contribute to crow's feet include genetics, smoking, and sun damage.

Some people are just prone to wrinkling around the eyes and it runs in their families.

Though there isn't much you can do to curtail genetics, you can use the knowledge to increase your prevention methods for dietary and environmental factors that you can control.


Smoking robs the skin of vital nutrients and increases the risk of developing wrinkles. Quitting smoking is imperative for those who wish to prevent crow's feet and fine lines.

Sun Damage

Sun damage can destroy the delicate fibers underneath the skin's surface and the result is wrinkling or a pruning appearance of the skin.

Some might begin to notice crow's feet while in their twenties; others might not see any fine lines appear until they reach their forties; everyone is different.

One step, however, that all may take is to wear sunscreen. You can purchase facial and body lotion, as well as cosmetics that contain sunscreen.

This is an important step in the fight and prevention of crow's feet. In addition to using sunscreen, you can also wear sunglasses and wide brimmed hats when outside.

Sunscreen isn't reserved only for use at the beach; it should be a daily part of your skin care routine.

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Preventing Crows Feet Eyes And Fine Lines

When preventing crow's feet around the eyes it's important to pay attention to good health.

Making certain that you are taking plenty of vitamins and minerals on a daily basis will help support the underlying structure of your skin.

Additionally, it will help maintain collagen levels that in turn prevent wrinkles.

Another factor to take into consideration is the amount of water you are drinking on a daily basis. Skin that is dehydrated will appear loose and wrinkly.

Drinking at least 64 ounces of water per day will ensure that your body has enough water to properly nourish cells and prevent dehydration.

Squinting and frowning, just as repeated laughing can cause crow's feet lines to deepen and become more pronounced.

Though it is never recommended to stop smiling, try to avoid squinting and frowning. If you are continually squinting, have your eyes examined; it may be a sign that your vision is lacking.

Those who need glasses and fail to wear them will see greater definition of crow's feet and file lines due to the continued squinting.

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