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Cowgirl Costumes

Cowgirl costumes let you tame the wild wild west in a single night.

Country Girls City Bred

Whether you are a country girl born and bred, or you have never been out of the city a day in your life, you'll find that there is every reason to saddle up and go for that sexy cowgirl outfit.

Cowgirls are tough, sexy, sassy, and above all, they know when to buckle down and ride, and you'll find that if any of that appeals to you at all that you need to take a look and see what this costume has to offer you.

Getting started with a cowgirl costume is a great way to have some fun and to really stand out at your Halloween party, so think about what kind of look that you are planning to go for and go for it!

If you think of sweet and wholesome when you are thinking about a great cowgirl get up, remember that you may want to take a look at the sexy cowgirl a-go-go costume.

With a pink bustier and cute white frills, it doesn't get much more adorable than this.

Remember to bring along some matching pink bubble gum to pop and think about getting a white jump rope to use as a lariat.

You'll also find that getting some white go-go boots or some white cowboy boots would both suit this outfit to a tee.

The deluxe cowgirl outfit pictured right, comes with crop top, stretch denim skirt with frayed hem, paisley cuffs, western belt with longhorn buckle, cowboy boot tops and vinyl hat.

Just what a girl needs to take on the Wild Wild West.

If you prefer something a little more rough and a little less sweet, think about getting the sexy cowgirl up uniform.

You'll be unforgettable in black leather and a little miniskirt.

Make sure that you live up to your look as a black hat by getting one to wear and combining it with some little toy guns.

If you are looking to bring some balance to this outfit, think about making sure that you've got two heavy gun belts to strap across your hip; this is a great way to let them know that you mean business!

Costume Inspiration

cowgirl costume idea

Ideas For Props And Accessories

You will also find that there are plenty of reasons for you to look around and think about what kind of props you want.

Boots make the cowgirl, view the cowgirl boots in the costume shop below.

If you are in a bad cowgirl kind of mood, flat black might do well by you, but if you could use a little bit of glamour and sparkle, look for a pair with some glitz and rhinestone.

You can always sport a little bit of sparkle in the form of silver rhinestone necklaces, and if you want to accent the costume in general, think about a cute little string tie.

If you have the means and feel like giving people a scare, bring along a branding iron or a cattle prod!

Cowgirl costumes and outfits are a great way to have some fun, so get out there, and find your cowboy!

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Cowgirl Costumes

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