Courtney Cox Hairstyles, Through The Years

A look back at the change in Courtney Cox hairstyles over the years, can you believe Courtney once had very long waist length hair! View the gallery below to see Courtney with some serious length.

courtney cox hairstyles

Many women find a hairstyle that they like and which flatters their face, works well with their hair type and just overall seems to fit with their lifestyle and personality.

Unfortunately though, that can cause you to get into somewhat of a hair 'rut'. Even celebrities are not immune to this issue and one fine example of this is Courtney Cox.

Courtney Cox Hair

Courtney typically wears her hair in very similar hairstyles and did so for years. However, she gathered the courage to make some simple changes that made a stunning difference, and you can do it too. Sometimes, it can seem daunting to shake up your look when you have found something that you know works well for you.

Really though, often, you can take tiny steps with a few small changes and come out looking more extraordinary than ever. Courtney Cox's hairstyle is short, without being so cropped that she can not play with her look and have some fun. With a few styling products such as gel and or mousse, she can work her hair into some different looks and styles.

Courtney Cox Hairstyles Over The Years

courtney cox clos up face

This Courtney Cox hairstyle makes use of jagged layers of different lengths to add some sass and a jazzy edge. This is a tremendous hairstyle for any situation as you can play it up or down depending on your moods and style needs.

The bangs on Courtney Cox's hairstyle are short and rugged, pushed casually to the side and clipped on an angle, however, to keep her look playful, there are a few long pieces allowed to sweep over her face.

Get Courtney Cox's Featured Hairstyle

  • Wash your hair with products made for your hair type and condition
  • Work a small dab of styling gel through your locks with your finger tips
  • With a wide tooth comb, detangle and arrange your hair as desired
  • You can allow your hair to dry naturally or blow dry on a medium setting tousling gently with your fingers
  • Use a touch of styling wax or pomade to separate your bangs, and to give areas of your hair definition as you desire
  • Mist with spray shine or hair spray or leave as is and enjoy

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Author: Tanna Mayer

Photo Credits: Beauty And The Bath

Courtney Cox Hairstyles