Couples Costumes

We're always told that the best fun is shared and when Halloween comes around, you'll find that this terrific holiday is no different!

If you are looking forward to celebrating Halloween as a couple, you'll find that you have plenty of options in front of you.

There are plenty of costumes out there that are perfect for a couple, no matter how long they have been together and if you want to get some laughs and to really have a great holiday together, this is a terrific way to do that. Check out our videos for some great ideas.

You may choose to match, or you may choose to complement each other, but in either case, you'll find that you can have a great time dressing up together.

When you are thinking about a way to really heat up the October night, why not consider heading right up to the Highlands?

You can find a great matching Scots costume, complete with a great kilt for him and cute plaid skirt and barmaid style outfit for her.

You'll find that the shirts are largely optional, (him) and that you'll look like you popped right out of a romance book cover. This is a perfect costume for those of you with a secret streak of the romantic in you, as well as for the people who just couldn't get enough of Braveheart.

Another great match up for couples costumes is definitely the nurse and the doctor. Dressed in white, you'll know that you'll make a smash on in a crowd of people dressed mostly in black. You can have some fun putting together the props for this one, too.

A stethoscope is a great thing to carry around your neck, and you can always check to see how hard your significant other's heart is beating when you are close by!

Couples Harry Potter Costumes

You'll also notice that there has been plenty to say about the Harry Potter books, and even with the series ended, you still might find yourself wanting to play wizard.

Take a look at some of the couples Harry Potter costumes that you can find from this entertaining story. You may want to keep things demure with the long black robes, or you may find that you want to play up the frisky, naughty prep school aspect of this costumes.

Remember to carry your wand, and take a look around for some great and spooky spell ingredients to carry with you. Hit your local costume shop for fake eyeballs, hands and other assorted props.

Have some fun this Halloween as a couple and dress for each other; you'll find that wearing a silly costume is a lot more fun when you're not alone and you'll also find that these costumes are great for handing out candy.

Enjoy your costumes and have fun!

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Published: Sept. 2008
Updated: October 3, 2013
Author: Tanna Mayer