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Costume Stockings For Adult Halloween Costumes

sexy black sheer pantyhoseAlright, so you’ve found that perfect, flirty little outfit. You’ve got your hair and makeup all worked out, coordinating jewelry and what not.

There’s one thing you’re Halloween costume missing: Leg wear!

There is a wide array of patterns, colors, and styles out there to suit any costume you could possibly think of for costume stockings.

To start with, there are two basic types of fabric:

Pantyhose: is sheer and pulls all the way up to the waist.
Costume Tights: are opaque and also pull up to the waist.

And from there, let’s launch into all the other fun varieties for costume stockings


sexy black thigh high fishnet stockings




Costume Thigh-Highs: can be either sheer or opaque, but come up only to the middle of the thigh, and either stay up with elastic, or with the use of  a garter belt.








ladies sexy fishnet pantyhose with back seam



Costume Seamed Stockings: Available in a wide range of colors, seamed stockings are just that, sheer hose with a visible seam running up the back of the leg.

(an added plus is that the vertical line is very slimming), and sometimes with the addition of what is called a Cuban heel, which is a solid opaque foot that is tapered down to by the seam.

Back seams can complement a sassy nurse in white, a French maid in black, nude for a pin up girl, or a hot devil in red.

 There are several variations on the typical back seam – some have criss-crossed laces, zippers, glitter, etc.



ladies costume wide stripped tights





Costume Striped Tights: Tights with horizontal stripes are usually either a black or white interspersed with another brighter color.

 Red and white can top off Raggedy Ann, black and white are a little witchy, while a pink and white might work for Little Bo Peep, or a number of other storybook gals.






ladies xmas theme sexy red fishnet stockings


Costume Fishnet Tights: Fishnets have recently been cropping up for everyday wear, and not just for costume.  

They can be seamed or thigh high, brightly colored or flesh toned, large or micro net, whatever your please. These North Pole themed stockings even have little jingle bells for added fun.



ladies costume knee high stockings with bow



Costume Knee Socks: Knee socks or knee-highs are perfect to finish off a naughty schoolgirl or any time you wanna show a little bit more leg.  There are fun crocheted ones in different colors as well.




ladies black leggings




Costume Leggings: Here’s another hosiery trend that’s working its way back into real life. Leggings are great for under a short skirt or shorts.

 If you’re dressing as an 80’s rocker, you’ll have to make a run for leggings,





ladies sexy black lace bodystocking






Bodystocking: Bodystockings are good as a base garment when your costume shows a lot of skin, but you want to preserve at least a hint of modesty.  They go on something like a see-through cat suit, and come lacy or fishnet, or seamed and sheer.







black lace anklet anklet embroidered heartsanklet ruffle and bowladies black opaque lace up knee highsladies opaque fishnet knee high stockings

Costume Stockings

And lastly, here’s a couple of dress-up hints for the hosiery wearer:
~ Even if you’re putting ‘em on your boyfriend, make sure those legs are shaved!
 There is nothing less attractive than hair peeking through those hose!
~ Avoid open-toed shoes with full-coverage leg wear.
No one wants to see that toe seam or pantyhose feet peeking out from your cute uber high heel

Costume Stockings

Experiment and try something unexpected!  
Be as wild as you’d like...
it is Halloween, after all

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