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Cosmetic And Makeup Reviews

Are you a self-proclaimed product junkie?

Do you pride yourself on knowing what new beauty products are the hottest and most effective?

Do you drool over the sections in magazines that tell you what the celeb’s makeup artists are using to give them that flawless Hollywood finish?

If you’re the type of girl who can spend hours browsing the local drugstore beauty section or an afternoon adrift in a sea of department store cosmetic counters, welcome home!

Herein the makeup review section you can get your beauty fix along with the inside scoop on what’s new and fantastic in the beauty world, from skincare to color.

Beauty Products Can Be An Investment

Beauty products are an investment in yourself - and in the words of a well-known hair color commercial, you know you’re worth it.

And with prices ranging from the very "spendy” high end to drugstore dollars, it’s good to know that you’re getting your money’s worth.

After all, some miracle creams running you a hundred dollars and up for just one tiny little ounce.

While that price point does tend to pique interest, wouldn’t you love to get some insight from other gals who have been there, tried that, and lived to share what they thought about it?

The perfect skincare routine, from cleanser to serums, on up to the right foundation for your skin type used in combination will leave your complexion flawless, and can keep you looking fresh and glowing no matter what the number of candles on your last birthday cake.

The reviews section is perfect for just that! If there’s a company you’ve been dying to learn more about, you’ll be able to get the skinny – and find out which products are worth the hype, and which ones deserve a pass.


By checking reviews, you can find out if those twenty-five dollar lipsticks are truly superior to the five dollar drugstore variety, and if there are lower end twins available for your favorite products.

Learn which cream eye shadows can be worn all day long without creasing, and which foundation primer is the perfect canvas for your ultimate masterpiece – your everyday face makeup.

Find out about mascaras, volumizing versus lengthening, and whether or not it’s worth first applying a fiber building base, and the pros and cons of waterproof and regular mascara.

Learn what type of foundation works best on oily skin, and what setting powder will suit you best. Is it a matte finish you desire, or do you prefer something a bit dewier?

Is it time for you to start using an eye cream, and if so, which one is the right one for your age group and skin type? And which lip plumper yields the most.

For the answers to these questions and more – step inside and feast your eyes on info on some of the most intriguing beauty products on the market with noteworthy results.

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Cosmetic And Makeup Reviews
Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated September 23, 2013

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