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Corner Bath Tub Advantages

What about a corner bath tub as a space-saving option if you're remodeling your bathroom?

Focus – Corner Tubs Benefits and Drawbacks

You know that the biggest amount of space usually gets allocated to the bathtub. Corner tubs offer all the beauty and comfort of a regular bath but allow your bathroom to feel more open and less crowded. This is doubly beneficial if you're starting with a small room.

The Case for Space

Even if you have adequate space in your bathroom, perhaps it's not laid out well. In older homes in particular it seems that little thought was given to a bathroom that's truly comfortable and roomy.

A corner bathtub might be the ideal solution that reclaims a lot of floor and wall area without giving up any serviceability.

Note, however, that if you are in an older home that you should check your plumbing to see if it requires updates to accommodate the new tub. This is the time to replace old galvanized with new copper for longevity.

Money Matters

Opting for a corner tub may be a way to save you money. Instead of re-doing the whole bathroom, swapping out the tub certainly gives the room a whole new look. Add to that a little TLC with paint, and you could be done.

However, there are two potential potholes here that you can hit. One is the floor underneath the old tub. If that wasn't finished like the rest of the room, you'll have to do flooring work.

The other drawback is the possibility of having to adjust your plumbing to accommodate the location of the tub.

More Space = More Options

When you take out a large, wall-to-wall tub and replace it with a corner tub there's suddenly a lot of room with which to play. Think about how you want to use that space.

For example, if you've always been short on countertop real estate, you now have a perfect place for a built in or stand alone feature.

Alternative, how about a luxurious towel warmer right next to the new tub along with a lush, frond-style plant to liven things up? The only drawback here is that you might get overwhelmed by the number of options open to you now!

Lots of Models

You might think at first that choosing a corner tub will limit your bathroom design choices. That's simply not the case. There is a lot of variety out there including:

  • rounded front, extra deep models
  • door tubs (step in tubs excellent for people who otherwise would have trouble getting in and out)
  • cast iron or acrylic tubs
  • unique interior shapes (oval, rectangular)
  • internal seats if desired
  • whirlpool options
  • combination shower/bath options

And many more! So if you're thinking a corner bath tub might be in your bathroom's future, take the time to shop around.

You will be able to find a corner bath tub in a color and style that's ideal for whatever theme and features you have got planned.

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Updated March 15, 2012

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