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Important-Read Carefully: This Usage Terms and Copyright Notice is a legal agreement between “Beauty and the Bath” and you, the visitor to this website. This agreement governs your use on this site, your behavior as a visitor and the role of

This is a legally enforceable agreement and those who violate its terms of use will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.



1. Content:  As a visitor to, you agree not to download, copy or reprint written content from this site. You are prohibited from quoting paragraphs or full articles from You may not use this written content in any manner, shape or form beyond visiting this site and reading content.

You may not take content and add your name as author, share articles through social media networking sites or portions of articles in newsletters, forums, blog posts, emails or on your personal website. You are forbidden from taking, sharing or reusing any written content on this site for your personal or commercial use. You may not use any written content for your website’s or blog’s question and answer section.

You may not use third-party software to download, retrieve, store or share written text and/or content from this site. Those who violate this agreement will be prosecuted to the full extent. Additionally, our attorneys will contact your ISP server and execute a shutdown notice immediately.

Our attorneys will notify Google regarding any user who violates this agreement by posting our content on Google Adsense sites. We will contact all affiliate programs you have networked with and notify them of your breach of copyright laws, infringement and violation of our terms of service.


2. Images: All images on are the protected property of You do not have permission to copy and save images, share images, repost images, or upload images to your server for use on your websites or blogs. You may not share images found on on sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

You may not create Pinterest boards with images from You may not use third-party software to download, retrieve, store or share images from this site. We take intellectual theft of our images seriously and will prosecute violators to the full extent of the law. Those who steal images from will be contacted by our attorney. 


3. Slideshows: All slideshows on are the intellectual property of the website and its owners. You are prohibited from sharing slideshows or uploading them to your personal or commercial blogs or websites. You may not share slideshows or their individual images on sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

You may not use third-party software to download, retrieve, store or share slideshows from this site. We have invested countless hours in our photos and will not tolerate them stolen from this site. Your use of this site is your agreement to abide by our terms and rules. Violators will be dealt with.


4. Videos: Videos on are the property of the site and are not to be downloaded, copied, uploaded to personal or commercial websites or blogs or otherwise shared. You may not use third-party software to download, retrieve, store or share videos from this site. Those who steal, reuse, or otherwise take content, including videos, from this site will be in violation of this usage terms of agreement. 


5. Tutorials: All tutorials, tips and guides on this site are original content, property of You are prohibited from rewriting, reusing, or copying and pasting tutorials on this site. You may not share tutorials on your website, claim them as your own original, creative works, or make derivative works from the content available on You may not use third-part software to download, copy, store, or retrieve tutorials including written context, videos and images from this site.

Public Relations

6. Public Relations, Promotional Materials, or Marketing Content: Absolutely zero content on, whether it be written text, tutorials, tips, images, slideshows or videos may be used for public relations, promotional materials or other marketing content. We do not tolerate content theft and will track down those who violate the terms of this site.

Foreign Sites

7. Foreign Sites: Foreign sites, whether they are in Russia, India, and Asia or beyond are prohibited by international laws from using the content on this site in any manner beyond the terms of this agreement. You may not copy, download, transmit, save or store any photos, videos or written content from You may not copy this entire website and run it on a foreign ISP.

You may not take articles and claim them as your own. You may not share photos or slideshows from this site on your own websites, blogs, forums, directories, emails, or social networking sites. Our attorneys are prepared to deal with international, copyright theft. Violators of this agreement will be tracked down and dealt with.

This Agreement and the rights and obligations of the users of this site are governed by intellectual property and copyright laws. Any actions, lawsuits, legal proceedings or notices regarding this agreement will be executed according to established laws. Users of this site consent to the governance of the jurisdiction and court that will oversee any legal matters that should arise due to each party’s breech or violation of these terms.

By using this site, you hereby consent to any court’s handling of said case and waive any objection thereto. Users of this site agree to the enforceability of this agreement, as well as the seeking and recovery of any monetary damages incurred to as a result of the user’s violating this agreement.

This agreement includes a provision for seeking monetary compensation for any and all financial losses as a result to the violation of these terms and theft of content, data, images, slideshows and videos on this site. Failure to notify the violating party does not negate or waive the right to seek monetary compensation at a later date. reserves the right to revise the terms of this user agreement and copyright policy. Should revise these terms, the new agreement will appear on the site.

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