Short Cool Hairstyles

Short cool hairstyles are made so dynamic by the fact that they take just enough elements from alternative hairstyles to be funky without being too extreme.

When you wear cool hairstyles you have the ability to have fun and be unique yet have a look that let's you go anywhere and fit in.

Of course, your cool style is bound to help you to stand out in a crowd- but only in the best possible way!

It is not the length of your locks that determines whether or not you have a cool hairstyle, but rather the cut and the way that you style your tresses.

What Makes A Cool Short Style?

A large part of the time, what makes for cool hair is the fact that they are novel yet hold touches of hairdo's that are currently worn by many.

Or, they take parts from looks that are dramatic but tone them down enough for everyday wear.

cool short style with highlights

This style is ageless looking great on a women in her 20's or for a women over 40 or 50. Simply choose highlight hues for your skin tone and hair color.

Regardless of age, profession or walk of life there are cool hairstyles you can wear that will fit right in with your lifestyle.

Any Hair Type Can Have A Cool Style

You will also not be held back from sporting cool styles by the type of hair that you have. Cool hairstyles can be found for all hair types and to flatter whatever facial shape and features that you have.

short curly cool hairstyle

This style let's you showcase your curls while removing all the thickness and bulk.

Let's face it, as much as we may wish that it did not, our life sometimes does play a part in dictating how we style our locks.

You may be the type of woman who would enjoy sporting hair of different lengths and colors- but your boss may not be understanding of your hairstyle choices.

high color impact short hairstyle

This short style with high color impact would take you from the work world to the club with no problem.

You can feel that you are destined to have a boring hairstyle just so that you can fit into your corporate world.

Cool hairstyles however, give you experimental freedom that stays within the bounds of convention.

short layered cool hairstyle

This style has a messier look but you will still enter your meeting looking like you know
what is current and stylish.

This is the perfect example of a cool hairstyle as it could never be called straight laced and plain, yet it is tame enough to take you into the boardroom or a P.T.A. meeting with well deserved confidence.

short cool hairstyle long all back bangs

A short cool hairstyle like this one gives you short, sassy and simple sophistication all at the same time. The short sides and back mean that your hair will always be neat and take almost no time at all to style.

cool short style longer layes on top

The longer top with razoring and layers throughout offer you the chance to play with style and keep the funk that makes this style so cool.

For your off time, have fun with the front, you can create spikes in any direction or come up with something playful and distinctive.

Taming It Down

side view cool hairstyle shaved sides

When you are on the job, you can tame the front down, slick it to the side or even use styling accessories to keep your locks back from your face.

If life throws something formal your way, go bold or go soft, depending on the event- and your mood! Either way, these cool styles leave you with a lot of different style options and ideas.

Featured Hairstyle Style Steps

cool hairstyle

  • Wash your hair with products that are for your current hair type
  • Towel dry and use your fingers to work in a generous amount of styling mousse and or gel
  • Your fingers and a blow dryer are all that it takes to create the look you want
  • Work some styling gel or hair wax through the front of your hair creating the style you want
  • Spray generously for all day hold

Pixie Cool

cool pixie hairstyle

Even a Pixie cut, a usually cute style can take on a little edge. This cut is easy to style with sides back and fohawking the bangs to take on a new look.

cool purple hair sides back

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Author: Tanna Mayer

Photo Credits: Beauty And The Bath

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