Cool Asian Hairstyles With Asymmetrical And Choppy Layers

There are a number of cool Asian hairstyles that can really bring out both the personality and the facial features of an individual who is Asian.

Asian women have many dominant features and this should be considered when selecting hairstyles.

It is important for the Asian woman to understand what facial shape that they have, as well as the features that they want to compliment.

In this article, you will be presented with one particular hairstyle that is considered exceptional in the area of cool and cutting-edge.

This particular hairstyle works best on individuals that have medium to longer length hair and is great for those who have thick texture to their hair.

This cool hairstyle integrates the use of many geometrical shapes and cuts in order to achieve the trend setting appearance that it displays.

The cut that can best hold this hairstyle is the one that is basically asymmetrical in style.

However, instead of the back side of the hair being shorter than the front, it is the front side of the hair that is shorter than the back.

Once this hairstyle is in place, it will appropriately accent the eyes and the mouth of the individual that wears it.

Once you acquire this particular hairstyle, you will find that you are deemed to be stylish and chic with a hint of "coolness" that will quickly set trends.

If you are not comfortable adjusting your hair to this cool Asian hairstyle, there are many professionals who will do it for you at little cost.

In addition to bringing out your facial features, and your natural "coolness", this hairstyle also adds height to you in general.

cool asian hairstyle

Style This Look

The first thing that you will want to do is place the back of the hair in a ponytail. Once this has been accomplished, you will want to slightly tease the hair in order to create a type of unkempt look.

The bangs and the front part of the sides of the hair should be left down and brushed. It is best to use a thick bristle brush to accomplish this particular hairstyle.

You should spray a liquid mousse into the hair. This will help to ensure that the style is held in place properly. Next, it is time to bring out the hairdryer.

You should blow dry the back of the hair as to add to the effect of the teasing that you performed earlier.

Be certain to spray in smoothing shine so that the hair does not appear to be dry and brittle.

You should then flip the sides of the hair towards the front of the face using the dryer and the brush. As you do this, you should spray some hairspray on the hair in order to ensure that it stays in place.

It is time to let down the pony tail that you had the back of the hair in. You should tease and toss it just a little bit in order to add to the texture of the hair.

Once you have the hair close to the image posted here, you can add a little hairspray to it and you are ready to rock with your new cool hair style.

15 Cool Asian Hairstyles With Choppy And Asymmetrical Layers

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Cool Asian Hairstyles

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Cool Asian Hairstyles