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Control Your Hair

Nothing makes a bad day worse than the inability to control your hair. The worst days are the ones that have us opting for a ponytail or reaching for a hat after an hour long battle with hair that just wouldn't cooperate.

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5 Tips For Controlling Your Hair

There are ways to finally start winning the morning battle, and celeb stylists are dishing out the advice. If you find yourself in desperate need of some help, take a look at some of these tips.

Controlling Frizz

What many don't know, and the reason that so many are just accepting frizz, is that the war against frizzy hair must be waged in the shower. If you treat your locks to a hydrating shampoo and conditioner, your hair is less likely to try and absorb the moisture in the air. Silicone-based products are best when it comes to styling to control your hair because of their ability to keep the cuticle sealed and moisture from escaping.

Even if you find yourself in full frizz mode, a serum with a silicone base can still help. A small amount in your palm (about a dime size is all it takes) smoothed over just the surface can add some shine as well as calm down the frizz.

Controlling Flyaways

Contrary to what some may believe, the static electricity look is not in this season. Control your hair and tame those flyaways by starting with your blow-drying technique. Over drying your hair when you use a blow dryer can cause flyaways to take over, and the way that you dry has a significant effect as well.

Before you start drying (and while hair is still damp), rub a small amount of leave-in conditioner through your hair, paying special attention to the ends. Once you begin drying, start with the crown of your hair and your hair line to keep them smooth.

Also make sure to point the blow dryer downward to keep the air flow going that way. Once your hair is dry to the touch, stop drying. Over drying not only gives you an unattractive hairdo, it also causes breakage. If you still find yourself with flyaways after drying, a flat iron can be used to smooth it the rest of the way out.

Just remember to always use a heat protectant before subjecting your hair to the intense heat. Hydrating sprays and silicone serums can also help keep flyaways at bay. Just a small amount will keep everything in place; a travel size in your purse for touch ups is not a bad idea either.

Controlling Short Bangs

Did your stylist misinterpret the word, "trim?" Or did you decide cutting your own bangs couldn't be so hard? The hack job on your forehead is not going to grow at any faster pace than usual, so you may want to move on to other options besides wishful thinking. One way to make bangs that were cut way too short somewhat bearable, is to try sweeping them to the side.

Also remember that blow-drying your bangs down straight will give them the most length. Slightly bend the ends to keep them in place, and let the waiting begin. If all else fails, you can treat yourself to a chic new headband.

Controlling Over-Processed Hair

Multiple chemical treatments can make it seem impossible to control your hair. The chemicals dry out your hair and strip all the good natural oils that keep your hair hydrated and conditioned. Regular haircuts are a must to keep fried ends cut off as well as to keep your cut looking fresh. Weekly deep conditioning will also do wonders to help hydrate your hair and replace everything that has been stripped. A deep conditioning mask mixed with a couple pumps of shine serum will condition your hair as well as give it some shine and some weight to keep things in place.

Controlling Roots

It's amazing how you can leave the house with beautiful color only to come home and notice that you've got major roots showing. Because they often appear out of nowhere, you may not always be able to schedule a color appointment right away.

To tide yourself over, reach for your makeup bag. Using an eye shadow or mascara set with hairspray to cover your roots has been a tried and true method of making it to the next salon opening. These are both available in a wide variety of browns and blacks, which makes it easy for brunettes to hide their unsightly roots. Blondes, however, will find it a little bit more difficult and may just want to consider an at-home touch-up kit to control your hair.

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Updated December 7, 2011

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