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Concealing Crows Feet

Concealing Crows Feet

This article will give you some tips for concealing crows feet using makeup, concealers, and even simple cold cream. People who have reached their golden age all know what "crows feet" are. In fact, you don't need to be fifty in order to be acquainted with the wrinkles that form near the eyes that branch outwards. All you have to do is to stress yourself with work and watch them grow centimeter by centimeter for the next few years. Before you know it, a whole branch system is forever etched around your eyes.

For those who have not prevented the formation of this type of wrinkles, there are different ways of concealing crows feet that you should know about. You can use the natural method to conceal crows feet with makeup. You can also use concealers if you like. Or, if you want long term effects, you can use extended cold therapy creams that are known to tighten skin around the eyes. To help you know more about these options, read on:

Conceal Crows Feet Using Makeup

Some women are creative enough with their makeup to be able to use it to conceal wrinkles such as crows feet. This can easily be done using clay lotion and loose mineral foundation. Apply clay lotion on the wrinkled area and massage until the clay lotion goes dry. Add a second, thin layer of clay lotion and gently pat down the loose mineral foundation. However, you need touchup every few hours or so to make sure that the area does not appear "caked up" because of excessive sweating.

When touching up, remove your previous application using petroleum jelly smeared on tissue. Gently wipe the makeup upwards to prevent your skin from further sagging. This option is ideal for women who do not really find it an issue to have crows feet, but are only meticulous with how they look during rare and special occasions.

Concealing Crows Feet with Concealers

The other obvious option of dealing with crows feet is to use concealers. However, use the thick type because the thinner ones cannot work well with keeping roughness in your skin texture. What you have to do is to clean your face thoroughly. The first thing you need to apply is the concealer, which is usually one shade darker than your skin color.

Next is to pat the area dry with clean tissue, and then apply your foundation. You need to touchup every 3-4 hours if you want to maintain the flawless look around your eyes. Note that this is not an ideal solution for people who want to always hide their crows feet because it is very tedious to remove all the makeup just to apply concealer then apply fresh makeup again.

Cold Cream and Crows Feet

The best way to combat crows feet is to get a Botox or collagen injection treatment to lessen the wrinkles. If you are not the type that spends thousands of dollars in skin treatments, simply use a cold cream that helps tighten the wrinkled skin. The good news is these cold creams are also used as a makeup base. Be sure to choose the hypoallergenic type to avoid allergies while concealing crows feet. Concealing crows feet is as easy as 1-2-3 if you know which option will work best for you.

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Published June 1, 2011

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