Common Beauty Problems

For the average woman, common beauty problems seem to look back at her during the daily ritual of looking in the mirror.

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Her hair is too frizzy or too fine or styled wrong. Her eyes have circles under them, her lips are cracked, her skin wrinkled.

Few women can look at themselves in the mirror and be completely satisfied with what they see. Thankfully, most of these problems can be covered with some easy fix solutions, most of which are readily available in the home or office.

Useful Solutions to Common Beauty Problems

How do you deal with those black circles under the eyes that make you look not only tired and unwell but add years to how old you look. If they are a constant problem it's likely you have a genetic disposition to them. They can be minimized by ensuring you stay well hydrated, get plenty of sleep and eat mostly fresh foods.

Spend time pampering your eyes by applying cool and refreshing cucumber packs, made simply by slicing a cucumber and placing a slice over each eye and leaving it in place for thirty minutes. When applying makeup of before you go out, ensure you apply a good quality concealer over them.

Oily skin shouldn't be treated any differently from all other skin types. A daily cleansing routine is essential. Ensure you moisturize your skin daily, though sparingly to help hydrate it. Drink plenty of water and eat a diet that is high in oxidants and fresh foods. If your skin is shiny, a foundation and lightly applied make up will reduce the shine however ensure any makeup is removed at the end of each day during your night time cleansing routine.

Age spots are not just a problem for older women only but can affect women of any age group. They are caused by exposure to the sun. Wearing a sun hat, sunscreen with an SP factor greater than 15 and staying out of direct sunlight will minimize the potential for their appearance. If you have them, you can buy anti aging spot creams from beauty shops and pharmacies

Try splashing cold water on your face when it looks tired and drawn. If you don't have lip gloss with you, try using some petroleum jelly to give your lips a shine and use a little olive oil on your finger to give your eyelashes a lift and to darken them slightly. A little blush on the cheeks can provide a final quick makeover when you don't have time for a full makeover.

If you have been eating spicy or strong smelling food and want to neutralize it, try using a little baking soda on a toothbrush and use it. Baking soda freshens and cleans your mouth and removes unpleasant odors safely and quickly.

Thankfully, most common beauty problems are more of a problem for the person looking in the mirror than to others looking at them. Most problems are easy to fix and in most cases can be concealed with just a little knowledge of how to use the things we have in our cupboards at home as well as those we might buy commercially.

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Updated September 7, 2011

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