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Color Blocked Nails

Nail Polish For Color Blocked Nails

Color blocked nails have a funky, geometric feel, and generally consists of different colored shapes with hard edges that are juxtaposed together.

Color Blocked Manicures

Color blocking is hot in the fashion world right now, and has even found its way to makeup and hair color – so it only makes sense that next in line would be color blocked nails!

Try DIY Nail Art

Color Blocked Nails

Nail art is much easier to do yourself than you may think, and color blocking is especially simple – you won't even need any special polishes or supplies or an especially steady hand.

What you will need is three different and opaque polish colors you'd like to incorporate into your design.

Black and white are great with a pop of color, or go crazy with a trifecta of neon brights or sparkly metallics or mix and match all of the above.

And you will need a roll of scotch tape and a good fast drying top coat (Seche Vite is a great one to try).

DIY Color Blocked Nails

The above color blocked nails were done by a friend who says “they were fun to do, but I'm definitely not the most skilled manicurist”

Not bad for a first try on your own nails. You may want to buddy up with a friend to do each other's nails.

Don't forget to carefully clean side edges of nails for any smudged polish. A wooden toothpick works great for this little finishing job.

DIY Nail Art

How To Color Block Your Nails

Start out by prepping your nails as usual, and stroke the first color over your favorite base coat.

It's usually a good idea to have the initial color a crème formula to serve as a solid foundation for your design.

Finish with the drying top coat and let sit for a few minutes.

Next, pull off a small piece of tape (about an inch should do the trick), and stick it against your hand until most of the "stick" has worn off .

This will keep the tape from pulling up your base color once your next layer is applied.

When that base color is dry to the touch, go ahead and place the tape on your nails to mark off the area that will be painted the next color.

You can stick your tape in the same place on every nail or get creative and do each one differently.

The tape edge is what is going to give you crisp, geometric lines, so place them at an angle of some sort and make sure the edges are flush against the fingernail.

Paint on your next color, and finish with another round of top coat and give yourself a few minutes of drying time before pulling off the tape.

Now your nails should be starting to look pretty fun!

The last color is applied in much the same way, although you may want to use two different strips of tape on some nails to give more of a triangle shape with the third color.

Swipe on the last color and follow with the final drying coat, and let sit for a few more minutes before finally removing the tape. Ta-dah! Fun and funky color blocked nails!

With a little practice, you'll soon be pulling off salon worthy manicures easily at home – and you can add that splash of color to a neutral outfit or coordinate your nails to your favorite pair of chunky Steve Madden heels.
Enjoy trying color blocked nails.

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