Collagen Supplements For Aging Skin

New studies show that collagen supplements may be a good treatment for dry and aging skin. Anti-aging skin creams and lotions are probably the most commonly used type of anti-aging supplements used by many women all around the world.

collagen supplements

It is true that there are anti-aging creams which have been shown to be pretty effective, but what they use for wrinkle prevention and the treatment of aging skin is becoming more and more important to people.

Collagen Supports Your Skin

Women over 50 and even women in their 40's can have some collagen loss. The first place this can start to show is in your complexion. There were two studies conducted in Geneva, Switzerland that included 47 women and showed that daily supplements of collagen helped the texture and the appearance of their skin.

These 47 women were given collagen for three months, during which the condition of their skin was closely monitored. It was detected that the women noticeably benefited from the collagen treatments – they had an improvement in skin hydration levels, in fine lines and wrinkling in large percentages.

There was also a study similar to this done in Japan, with almost the same results. Although collagen has been used for anti-skin aging before, it was in the form of creams which were never proven to be very effective.

The reason for this is the fact that the collagen found in anti-aging creams cannot properly enter the skin through its thick outer layer. Collagen has also been used in the form of an injection which can penetrate into the mid and deeper layers of the skin. This however does not come without its risks and it is much more intrusive.

Collagen is a very important element of the skin and its loss causes the skin to wrinkle more quickly. The loss of collagen is closely related to sun exposure and to the natural aging process of the skin, which is why older people tend to have dry and aging skin.

Oral Collagen Supplements

Oral collagen supplements are available for usage through various liquids and powders, although be aware that it has not yet been proven if the usage of oral collagen supplements is completely safe.

The results of studies on these supplements should not yet be taken for granted and there is a need for more serious and thorough studies which will show exactly how oral supplements can be used to help with aging skin.

It is unwise for younger people to take collagen supplements for their skin before they truly need them. People under the age of 50, are advised to instead change their lifestyle to include a healthy diet of fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grains. Eating healthily has been proven to prevent the risk of premature aging and can do wonders for your skin.

Many nutritionists and health care professionals advise changing your diet rather than buying costly skin creams at a young age. After all we may discover in a few years time, that what we put into our bodies in our early years could directly affect the aging process.

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Author: Tanna Mayer

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