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Colin Farrell Hair

Colin Farrell's Hairstyle

Irish bad boy Coin Ferrell wears a hairstyle that is so appealing, it makes men everywhere want to rush to their stylist and have them grab the scissors so that they can emulate this handsome celebrity

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Colin Farrell’s hairstyle is spiky and full of texture, making it alluring to men from every walk of life.

A hairstyle like Colin Farrell’s can be worn by those who live the corporate life by day and who like to walk the edge at night and everyone else in between.

Another strong advantage to Colin Farrell’s hairstyle is that it is incredibly simple to maintain and almost effortless to style, yet leaves a man looking superb. Which is something every man will love.


colin farrell long hairColin’s hairstyle has enough height and texture to offer him everything he needs to create this look.

The texture and volume are provided from razored layers that were snipped throughout the top, with a bit less length through the sides and back. It is these shorter sides and back that keep this style from crossing the line into a hardcore hairstyle that would not be as versatile for say daytime wear at the office.

With a super easy hairstyle like Colin Farrell’s, you are offered what is practically a wash and wear cut that literally can take you from the shower to the front door in almost no time at all.
Enjoy, Colin Farrell Hair

style steps

Wash your hair with the right products for your own hair type
Work some styling gel through damp hair with your fingers
Pull the top of your hair up and in different directions, pinching lightly to direct your hair where you want it to go
Run your hands through the sides of your hair, you can also tousle gently if you desire
Another option would be to lightly blow dry your hair and then pinch and piece with hair wax coated fingertips for a more texturized finish

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