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The Cocktail Hat, Yes We Love Them!

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Any girl can make a statement with a pair of Manolo Blahniks or a Prada bag, but many modern fashionistas are going bolder by topping their outfits with daring and unique little hats. Once a staple in every sophisticated ladies’ closet, cocktail hats or fascinators were the topper to many a formal ensemble in the 30’s and 40’s.

And as fashions always seem to ebb and flow, these classy and stylish little hats and hair pieces have found their way back, and have graced fashion forward celebrity heads like Sarah Jessica Parker and Dita Von Teese. These sassy little accessories are like a delicately sweet, fun little pastry – almost too lovely, completely unneccessary, but so beautiful you’ve gotta have it!

Cocktail hats are typically little and lady like, delightfully detailed hats perched towards the front of the head, often with brims that sweep across the face in front of one eye. Many sport little veils or feathers that frame or cover the face, while some are jeweled or adorned with flowers or little fake fruits. Traditionally worn in the evening, or to cocktail parties, the wide variety of styles available ensures that there’s a darling little hat for any time of day, and any occasion.

There are also some styles which are attached to headbands or tied on with ribbons, while still others extend down to feathery and mysterious eye masks perfect when paired with a hot little dress as an elegant Halloween or masquerade costume. Some masks are even shaped like little bats or skulls for a darker, more gothic look. These little hats are chockfull of personality, and will definitely break the ice as well!

While vintage pieces abound at thrift stores and boutiques, there are many contemporary retailers and DIY milliners with truly amazing little hats. And with so many little elements to each hat, you are sure to find one to suit virtually every style, taste, and outfit. With a little internet exploration, you’ll be amazed at all the creative and unique cocktail hats that are being produced today.

Beautiful for weddings, either as a guest or as a bride, a chic little cocktail hat makes a definite statement, regardless of the theme or formality of the wedding. Gorgeous when paired with a fabulous dress or gown, they can be equally lovely and surprising as a topper for a dressy black pantsuit.

In fact, juxtaposing these fancy little hats with unexpected outfits –from skinny jeans and a cropped blazer to simple little thrift store dresses- may be the chicest way to rock ‘em. Even if you find yourself with no occasion to wear these fancy little hats, you can easily turn any outing into a fascinator worthy occasion, from a night out with the girls to an afternoon lunch.

Cocktail hats can be worn with any hairstyle or length as well. Short or long, up or down, there truly is no wrong way to wear one, so go ahead and be brave – elevate your style to a work of art!
Have fun, with a new cocktail hat!

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