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Clean Your Tongue

Do you clean your tongue?

The Care And Cleaning Of Tongues

Tongue Brushing

Although most of us brush and floss regularly, cleaning the tongue doesn't seem as important as these, but it really is!

It takes just a little more time to brush your tongue in a daily oral health session, but not many of us actually do it when we brush and floss. Is brushing your tongue really as important as brushing and flossing?

Brushing your teeth really means getting rid of the plaque that lies on the surface of the teeth and on the gums.

When we eat, food tends to stick to our teeth and this is how plaque is formed. If it is not removed, a buildup of plaque can lead to dental caries and gum disease when the food is eventually broken down by bacteria.

Your tongue on the other hand is smooth and food cannot linger on your tongue like it tends to do between your teeth and along the gum line.

Therefore, it is not mandatory to brush your tongue for your dental health. Brushing your tongue has little or no effect on dental caries and gum disease.

However, even though a clean tongue has absolutely nothing to do with healthy teeth and gums, it is important for the tongue to be clean if you don't want to risk bad breath.

The top part of the tongue is not a good breeding ground for bacteria because it is able to clean itself but the lower part of your tongue can contain bacteria, which causes bad breath. Therefore, when you brush your tongue it is important to brush under your tongue too.

Tongue Cleaning

Due to the fact that brushing the tongue with a toothbrush can be unpleasant and quite often is known to cause people to gag, there are now tongue scrapers available.

These useful items are responsible for making tongue cleaning easy, fast and pleasant enough, and they can be bought in drugstores, some supermarkets and on the internet.

Although cleaning your tongue with a tongue scraper is fast and takes only a few minutes, it is important to remember to be gentle as possible in order to avoid causing any injuries to the soft skin of the tongue.

A tongue scraper and a mouthwash combined will be able to eliminate the problem of bad breath for the majority of people. In order for this to be done successfully, the part of the tongue which is hard to reach must be cleaned completely and regularly.

The most important thing to remember if you have problems with bad breath is to clean your tongue regularly. Of course, this doesn't have to be done every time you go to brush your teeth but it is an additional plus when fighting cavities and gum disease.

So why not add this into your daily oral hygiene routine and make an active start in fighting poor oral health? Bad breath is something that nobody wants to have and cleaning your tongue is the best way to fight it.

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Updated February 1, 2012