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Claw Foot Tub For Nostalgia And Romance

You may wish to consider a claw foot tub if you're looking for a touch of nostalgia and romance for the bathroom.

Old or New?

There are a lot of tubs on the market, but there's nothing so charming as the Victorian look and feel of a claw foot bath tub. You can go to antique stores to locate the old cast iron tubs since they were made by the thousands between 1890 and 1940.

These are incredibly durable and keep water warm for a long time, but they’re also very hard to move.

You should also be warned that the iron tubs stain easily and may crack and rust over time. Additionally the older pieces in good condition can cost a pretty penny.

With that in mind, unless you’re really married to the idea of owning a piece of history you can consider an acrylic reproduction instead. The acrylic tubs weigh much less.

Unlike their cousins in iron, they clean very easily and won’t stain near as badly. The only down side is that this surface is softer and not as scratch resistant.

The Right Style Claw Foot?

We're all familiar with the signature foot of a claw foot tub, but the rest of the features on these whimsical bathroom additions can please and tease a potential buyer. For example you might choose a large-backed roll style rim.

This type of tub becomes the focal point of the bathroom and screams personal luxury. Or perhaps you want a two-ended tub so you can enjoy it with a special someone! And don't overlook the slim, sleek slipper style for a really sultry look.

Depending on the base material, your tub can cost between $1,000 and $3,000, but the good news is that the modern reproductions offer classic designs but also a lot of choices.

For example, many allow you to pick where you want the faucets, or choose specific colors.

You can also choose not to have faucet drillings, but instead have a freestanding water supply so your tub has more lounging room. In other words, you can really customize these tubs to whatever mood you want in your bathroom.

When a Claw Foot Tub has no Claw

Interestingly enough there is one type of bathtub that's categorized with claw foot tubs, but has no claw whatsoever. That would be the pedestal bathtub, also called a free standing tub.

Where the claw foot once was, you now have matching solid base for the tub. This type of bath feature was popular during 1920 and 1930 and works very nicely in a flapper style room as both fun and functional. The art deco style is impossible to miss.

Shower Power?

If you love the appearance of claw foot tubs but don't want to give up having a shower now and again you have nothing to worry about. There are all kinds of shower conversion kits that you can use to set up a shower enclosure quickly and easily.

Rounding out the Look: If you're buying a claw foot tub it's a nice idea to round out your entire bathroom with items that support that theme. Look for brass or bronze faucets, marble sink tops, classic towel racks, and lighting fixtures that hearken to days gone by.

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Updated March 15, 2012

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