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Claudia Winkleman Hairstyle

Claudia Winkleman

British television actress and journalist Claudia Winkleman is used to calling our attention to other people, however, no matter who she is interviewing you can not help but to notice the beautiful style to Claudia’s hair.

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Claudia Winkleman wears her luscious brown locks in a flattering medium length hairstyle with brow brushing bangs. This is a suitable style for woman who are searching for a look that will allow them to have some sass to their hairstyle while still maintaining a professional feel.

It is important for many woman who like Claudia Winkleman have careers that call for their look to be dignified to find a hairstyle that offers a mature feel. This does not mean though that you want to shed yourself of fun and flair.

claudia winkleman gownA simple, medium length hairstyle like Claudia Winkleman’s will offer you everything that you need to achieve the ideal blend of polished professional with casual chic. The elegant simplicity of a medium length hairstyle such as this will take you easily from your professional life to your downtime simply and practically effortlessly.

Claudia Winkleman has made the wise choice to work with her naturally wavy tresses instead of fighting against them. The length of her locks allows her to showcase the gentle curves in her hair without too much length weighing them down.

This is also the perfect length of hair to pull back on her off time or to sculpt into a classy updo whenever the occasion calls for a hairstyle with some drama.

Claudia Winkleman’s medium length hairstyle is completely easy to achieve and her style almost effortless to maintain. All that your stylist will need to do to provide you with the same hairstyle as Claudia Winkleman’s is to snip in some long layers and long bangs that brush your brows.

Claudia Winkleman Hairstyle Styling Steps:

style steps Wash and condition your hair with products designed for your specific hair type Towel dry and comb out any tangles gently, you may apply a leave in conditioner if necessary

style steps A generous dollop of styling mousse can be distributed through your hair with your fingers working from tips to roots With a rounded brush, work in small sections as you blow dry

style steps Pull each section down and flip the ends either under or up as desired. Roll your bangs slightly under or in the direction you prefer them to go. Mist lightly with hairspray and or spray shine for hold and a touch of glamour.

As mentioned, there are many options available to you when you wear your locks in a medium length hairstyle like Claudia Winkleman’s. You can even make use of hair accessories such as headbands or barrettes to change the style slightly, to be playful and to keep your tresses out of your face. Using some styling tools is another option for medium length locks as well.

You can change your look by straightening your hair or curling it. As when drying, simply work in small sections and it will not take you much time at all to come up with inventive ways to change your hairstyle.

If you really want to go casual, you can even opt to make your look wash and wear on the days that you are short on time. Simply wash, comb and use a spray gel to hold your waves in place as they dry. Bangs like Claudia’s are a perfect way to draw the eye away from a long forehead as well as they generally make the face appear shorter than it actually is.
Claudia Winkleman Hairstyle

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Claudia Winkleman Hairstyle

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