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Classic Pinup Makeup

Classic Pinup Makeup

Vintage and retro looks never really go out of style, and are attractive and flattering on women of all colors and facial structures.

A bold lip may seem intimidating, but with a little guidance, you simply can’t go wrong with the winning combo of a red pucker and a swipe of eyeliner – and if you have any doubts, check out the timeless beauty of Dita Von Teese, for one.

Classically Retro

To remain classically retro, matte is the general idea, in everything from lip color to the finish of your foundation, so begin with a full coverage powdery face makeup (like Benefit Hello Flawless).

Classic Pinnup Eye

The classic pinup eye is very simple and clean. Start, as usual, with a sweep of creaseproof shadow primer all over the lid, and follow with a soft vanilla shadow brushed all the way up to the brow bone.

Then work a bit of soft taupey brown into the crease of the eye, just to give a bit of shape.

The flirty winged liner is key to perfecting this vintage look, so choose your weapons, ladies.

A black gel or cream liner with a very skinny brush bent at an angle is an easy way for beginners to master this technique, so line as usual and add just a bit of a flick to the wrist to achieve the desired little wing at the outer corner of the eye.

With an angled brush, trace a bit of the same shadow you used in the crease just under the lash line.

Optionally, you can also add some white liner to the inner rims of eyes – a genuine old Hollywood trick to make eyes pop and appear wider.

Finish with several coats of mascara on curled lashes, or for extra drama add fluttery false lashes.

Vintage Makeup

Vintage makeup always included a rather full and well-groomed brow, so go ahead and fill in yours with an ashy taupe brow powder to give shape.

It can be tempting to match your brow color exactly to your hair color more exactly, but a more neutral color is almost universally flattering, and will keep brows from veering into wicked queen territory.

A touch of wax or clear mascara will keep every little hair in place.

Perfect The Cheek

Once your eyes are done, let’s move on to cheeks! A true rosy pink will lend the perfect pinup girl flush.

Smile and place blush right in the center of the apples of cheeks, then brush back towards temples.

Love Vintage Love Retro

That Perfect Red Lip

The finishing and defining touch to any retro look is the perfect red lip, which must begin with a liner.

Prep lips with balm or chapstick, then trace and fill in lips with a red lip liner, like MAC Cherry, to keep color in place and increase staying power.

Pinup Girl Makeup Look

Follow with a brush full of the perfect matte red lipstick, like the perfect-on-everyone MAC Russian Red.

This look is perfect for day or evening, but especially striking when paired with a swingy flared dress or sexy little pencil skirt.

And if you’re feeling adventurous, try topping things off with a fabulous set of victory rolls or a Betty Grable updo, and flashback to the glamorous mid century!

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Classic Pinup Makeup
Published November 8, 2012

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