Classic Hair

A classic hair style works wonders for any woman who is interested in her appearance.

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A Classic Style Always Works

Cut to a style that will accentuate her best features, hair that is styled in a cut that is both ageless and modern is sure to attract compliments. Some women are keen to hold onto a cut they have had for many years knowing it suits them and is easy to maintain, especially when balancing a desire to look good and a busy life. They are often delighted by the new look that a new hair cut can give.

Styles Make you Look and Feel Younger

Many women find that they appear and feel younger with the simple step of changing their hair style. Armed with a new style, great makeup and new clothes even an average looking woman can look sensational. A good stylist will help you find the style that will show off your great cheek bones or your lovely slender neck. If you have a square face they will help it look rounder and if you have a small round face a good cut can make it look slimmer and longer.

In their time, these were both considered rebel hairstyles.

jane fonda shag from klute

Jane Fonda The Shag From Klute

sharon stone shag 2008

Sharon Stone Shag

There are three types of hair styles. Long, short and shoulder length and each suit different women at different stages of their life. If your hair has always been long consider having the illusion of long hair by having it cut to shoulder length and styled to frame your face. This will add body to fine hair and shape to limp hair. Hair that is cut at a medium length can be worn up or down depending on the occasion and can be styled in different ways to present a different look to suit your mood or your clothes.

Short hair is easy to care for and can make a woman look both sophisticated and sexy depending on how she wears it. It looks fabulous at night and during the day is an easy to style yet modern look for the busy mother or the working woman.

For most women, long hair is the preference and when hair is long and sleek it can be beautiful. Some women have hair that is very thick and when worn long can be extremely heavy. A slightly layered and shorter cut will reduce the strain on the neck and head and can actually make a woman feel healthier and full of more energy, whilst leaving her with the illusion of longer hair.

The Right Hair Cut is Foundational to Great Looking Hair

Having the right hair cut and style is the foundational step towards great looking hair. Once you have had the style cut you can then choose to have curls, waves or straight hair or with the right tools you can enjoy all three. The addition of heated rollers or a heated brush wand gives you the ability to turn your straight or wavy hair into a mass of curls, and a flat iron will enable you to turn your natural waves and curls straight.

Hair that looks like it belongs to a model is only one step away from you. For any woman wanting a complete makeover and a modern look, classic hair styles are the first stage to achieving a look that produces compliments.

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Updated September 9, 2011

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