Classic Chignon Hair Styles From
Ballerina Chignons To messy Chignons

chignon As a ponytail can be symptomatic of casual and blue jeans, I think it would be safe to say that the chignon hairstyle is symptomatic of dressing up and and Chanel.

The Chignon and Chanel share many qualities having both entering their areas of distinction as an aristocrat and being a classic that has evolved over the years as the statement of polish, good taste, and chic.

Both have gone and come back over the years varied in it in subtle ways so that they always looks right for the times and always appeals to a new, younger generation of women.

The one difference only being that to purchase the Chanel jacket and to buy into fashion history can have you paying close to a thousand dollars. The most basic chignon, however can be yours for the cost of an elastic a few bobby pins.

The "Chignon" Pronounced as "chêg-non" or "shêg-non" has a number of variations, first I will guide you through the basic styling technique for a chignon and then how to style different variations you can wear beautifully to weddings and parties, graduations, proms and other special occasions.
However do not save a chignon for dressing up times only , it really is a any time any place hairstyle. As comfortable in jeans, as it is Chanel.

Classic Chignon Hair Styles ~ First A Moment To Shine

Which ever you choose there is one element that will have the most effect on your chignon and that is shine. A key element to creating a professional looking chignon that is sleek and elegant will be shine. The smooth polished look begins with proper conditioning for your hair texture.

If you have not been using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioners, and your hair is on the dry side, a fast fix will be using a shine serum. Blow Dry Tip Blow-dry with the nozzle pointing downwards to flatten hair cuticles

Classic Chignon Hair Styles ~ To Have Ready
Covered hair band (covered hair elastic)
Hair spray
Hair pins or grips to match hair your  color 
A Paddle brush (which always gives the smoothest results))
Pin-tail comb (I prefer a metal tail comb but a plastic tail will do)

Style Classic Chignon Hair Styles

Classic chignon hair styles are deceptively simple to style, if you can create a bun, you can just as easily create the chignon. The only real difference being that the classic chignon was always gracefully arranged low.


classic chignon bun


style steps icon Using paddle brush, smooth your hair straight back,
style steps icon Gather into a ponytail low at the nape of your neck using covered hair band
style steps icon Split your ponytail in half, now, taking the comb tease the two sections of hair you split.
style steps icon Take one of the sections and smooth out with the paddle brush.
style steps icon Twist under and secure with a large bobby pin.
style steps icon Repeat step 4 with the other side.
style steps icon Smooth down stray hairs with a toothbrush


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Classic Chignon Hair Style Variation

coiled chignon hair style style steps icon Using paddle brush, smooth your hair straight back
style steps icon Gather into a ponytail low at the nape of your neck using covered hair band
style steps icon Hold your ponytail and twist it until it starts to curl around itself. (a little like a phone cord)
style steps icon Gently twirl the coil around the base of your ponytail.
style steps icon You can now be creative and accent your chignon for the occasion with floral, beaded, or jeweled accessories to compliment the occasion or your outfit.

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How To Style A Messy Chignon Hairstyles

This is a super easy style we are seeing more and more of and on any day, it is casual, trendy, and fun!

messy chignon hair style style steps icon Pull hair back into a low ponytail.
style steps icon Twist hair into a bun & secure with another ponytail holder.
style steps icon For a look that is even younger, fresher & less formal, let the ends stick out a bit.
style steps icon For a very Uma Thurmen look select pieces and pull out full length, remember the messier the better for this style.

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How To Style A Spanish Chignon Hairstyle

These classic chignon hair styles are beautifully sleek in the front and slightly fuller in back.

chignon hair style spanish style steps icon Repeat the steps for classic Chignon Style # 1, if you have fine hair or require the extra fullness tease lightly at the back and smooth with paddle brush before placing in pony.
style steps icon You can also fold your pony tail in a very wide figure eight, pinning in place as you fold
style steps icon One one side only in front of your ear , pull a long strand of hair, using your curling iron curl one twirly tendril
Spray lightly
This one extra touch instantly creates a classic Spanish profile

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Spanish Chignon Variation

spanish chignon hairstyle

Chignon hairstyle with side swept bangs Side swept bangs are yet one more variation that you may like to try, this is a very polished look.

Once you have mastered the basic chignon experiment with asymmetrical placement of the ponytail, very dramatic styles can be creating this way and then taken even further with accessorizing.


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How To Style Classic Chignon Hair Styles ~ Ballerina Style

classic chignon hair style ballerina style steps icon Brush your hair back into a ponytail just a little higher than the nape of your neck
style steps icon Secure with the covered hair elastic Gently pull your hair through the chignon foundation.
style steps icon Take a small section of your ponytail and tuck it around the chignon foundation Secure in place with your long pins
style steps icon Repeat with all remaining hair in the ponytail For longer hair lengths you may want to try wrapping the sections of hair around the base of the ponytail to hide it. If you have to wrap your hair around the foundation so much that it moves away from your head then you have to much length to work with this method. Hide any pins with scrunchies, ribbons, A natural hair look scrunchie or the type with the sticky out bits of hair looks good over chignon

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How To Style Classic Chignon For Short Hair

chignon hair style

Even with short hair you can enjoy classic chignon hair styles. You definitely have the best of both worlds if you are wearing your hair short these days. There has never been more of a selection of clip on hair pieces and accents.

These pieces have been perfected over the years and now are light weight, comfortable, and affordable.

It's like growing your hair long in about five minutes.
Gather your own hair into a twist and hold firmly against your head. Attach the hair piece over your twist holding it securely in place.

Perfect for any day or any occasion.

how to style a classic chignon hairstyle


style steps icon Gather your own hair into a twist and hold firmly against your head.
style steps icon Attach Tease over your twist holding it securely in place
style steps icon No hairpins are needed! Tease is perfect for any day or any occasion
style steps icon To transform this into a chignon, place the piece at the nape of your neck and then continue using any of the variations above.

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Classic Chignon Hair Styles Styling Sticks Chignon

style chignon hair style
style chignon hair style
chignon hair style
You will not use a covered hair band for this technique
style steps icon Gather your hair at the nape of your neck
style steps icon Twist the ends together while wrapping your hair around in a circle to form your bun Insert your style stick on the outer edge of your bun.
style steps icon Reverse the direction of your style stick, you should feel the stick just grazing your scalp
style steps icon Slide your stick back through your bun to secure

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Michelle Trachtenbergchignon hair style
Michelle Trachtenbergchignon hair style
Michelle Trachtenbergchignon hair style
Michelle Trachtenbergchignon hair style
Michelle Trachtenbergchignon hair style

Celebrity Chignon Hairstyles, Michelle-Trachtenberg, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Eva Peron

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Bad Hair Day Needs Chignon Hairstyle

Bad Hair Day?
Classic chignon hair styles can turn it into a great hair day!

All those frazzled ends can be neatly rolled under and hidden until you have time for hair care.

A chignon is also a great style to save your hair from the heat of summer, apply a little conditioner to the ends before rolling to nourish and protect your hair this summer instead of frying it.

chignon bun

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