Clara Bows Hair ~ A Little Sassy, A Little Seductive For 1930

clara bows thick wavy vintage hairstyle

The name Clara Bow is generally the first to come to almost anyone’s mind when they think of silent movie stars. Of course, Clara is best known for her fabulous flapper roles.

Although always groomed beautifully, there was something sassy and more than slightly seductive in Clara’s style. Clara Bow like many women of that time opted for a Bob hairstyle, however, Clara being an individual, she made sure to personalize her look.

Clara Bows hair was a combination of a short and wavy hairstyle with dramatic make-up blended together perfectly to form a look that is still being copied to this day.

Clara chose to wear her Bob hairstyle pushed off of her forehead with waves curved around her head.

Often, Clara was seen with small sections of her hair on her cheek or forehead shaped into curls. Clara typically styled her Bob with finger waves, which were also popular in the thirties.

There were numerous ways to achieve these waves, but Clara stuck with what she knew flattered her most. The flapper, jazzy look was what Clara Bow favored when it came to cosmetics. If Clara Bow was heading out on the town, you can be sure that the first thing she took care of was her eyebrows.

It was essential that her brows were thin and extended to provide the right flair. This was of course followed by dramatic, eye make-up that was dark and smudged to perfection.

A dusting of facial powder with a light sweeping of blusher added the necessary accompanying touches. Clara’s look would not have been complete without paying special attention to her lips. She always wore her lipstick in ‘cupid bows’ that left her with the seductive bee stung look that she was famous for.


Styling Steps - Clara Bow's Vintage Hairstyle

Style Hair Steps Short layered locks like Clara’s are the best for creating finger waves.
Style Hair Steps Make sure your tresses are wet, but not dripping.
Style Hair Steps Liberally apply styling gel evenly throughout your hair. You need enough product to ensure a good hold.
Style Hair Steps Work in small sections at a time. This will prevent your waves from breaking up.
Style Hair Steps You want to create your waves in what is known as a C shape. To achieve this, you will need to work with a rat-tail comb and your fingers.
Style Hair Steps Start on the left side of your head and form a ridge up to the crown of your head.
Style Hair Steps Form a matching ridge on the right side taking it around your in head in the shape of a horse shoe allowing it to join beneath the first ridge.
Style Hair Steps It is important to start your new ridge on the side where you stopped creating your C towards the front before moving on the to the next row.
Style Hair Steps When you have your waves in place, you can opt to pull a small section down on either cheek and or on your forehead. Saturate any sections left down with product so they remain in place.
Style Hair Steps Mist generously with hairspray for hold.
Style Hair Steps With your Clara Bows hair style and properly applied cosmetics, you are sure to look like a vintage beauty.


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