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Choosing Essential Oils

Starting An Essential Oils Collection

How will you know which essential oils will be right for you with over 90 essential oils to choose from and within this vast assortment many of these oils have more than one healing property.

essential oils collectionSo, how is a girl to choose? Here are 3 things to help you decide; consider the scent, the effect, and the cost.

Choosing Essential Oils By Scent

The first thing to consider when you start your essential Oils collection is whether or not the scent appeals to you. Although every scent may have a useful medicinal property for each of us only certain scents may work for us.

It is the aromas of essential oils that work to stimulate your nervous system and brain functions. If you are distracted by the side effect of a scent irritation in your body that particular essential oil probably is not a good choice. Or the aroma may simply not appeal to your senses, you will be attracted to some oil aromas just as you are attracted to certain scents of ready made perfumes and fragrances.

Always sample the scent of essential oils when you purchase for the first time. This can be accomplished by taking a trip to a local essential oils supplier or at the very least, to a local bath products retailer.


Choosing Essential Oils By The Desired Effect

Next you want to consider the effect you would like to create with your essential oils. Essential oils have long been identified to promote emotional stability and balance in addition to having healing properties and just plain smelling wonderful.

You can experience physical healing in your body and mind and experience a great scent at the same time giving you two effects for the price of one.

Also think about how you would like the essential oils to benefit you. Essential oils can promote several effects, is your prime concern:
promote memory and concentration
promote a sense of confidence
reducing stress
reducing anger
reducing anxiety
reducing depression
reduce fatigue and tiredness
reduce feelings of fear
reduce feelings loneliness

The list of effects and benefits of oils is long and it is important to remember that not all essential oils promote or reduce all emotions. It does take time to learn which essential oil promotes or reduces which effect.


Considering Cost Of Your Essential Oils

And just as with any other purchase you will want to consider the cost factor. Not only will you have to purchase your essential but if you are ordering from an online supplier, shipping and handling costs will also have been taken into account.

The good news is that most of online companies are competing for your business and are constantly offering free shipping, discount coupons, and specials to get it.

essential oils collectionIf you are planning on combining your essential oil with a carrier media such as oils, creams, salts or soap costs should also be estimated as well.

Your Essential Oil collection will also need proper storage elements.

You will find wooden craft boxes to be relatively inexpensive and very helpful to keep your bottles in a safe manner while also making the transport of your bottles easy.

Additional costs for items such as bottles to store your blended oils and diluted mixes should also be estimated as well as the estimated costs of equipment such as distillers (if you plan on making your own essential oils) or diffusers for refreshing your rooms and space.

All this may seem like a lot to consider for a few drops of oil but building a essential oils collection will reward you with the many beneficial effects of using oils and aromatherapy.


With a little planning and knowing what benefits you want to receive through the use of essential oils you can start your collection and experience a wonderful journey.


Choosing Essential Oils

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