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Choosing A Cosmetics Concealer

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As attractive as dark circles under your eyes are (not), choosing a cosmetics concealer can be your ticket to saying goodbye to dark circles and hello to those bright, gorgeous eyes.

Choosing Concealers

Those sad circles can be caused by too little sleep, retention of fluid underneath your eyes, seasonal allergies, or even genetics.

Since you can't change your genes and more sleep may not be an option, the time has come to choose a cosmetics concealer and hide the circles that are hiding your eyes.

Most people know that concealer can help their problem areas, but few know how to pick the right color or the right formula for their skin.

Applying the wrong concealer can be even worse than not applying any at all.

Cosmetic concealers generally come in shades of either peach or yellow, and each shade has a different purpose.

Often, these two colors are packaged together because most people need a little bit of both for the best coverage.

Since the actual colors are pretty much the same, the trick is to find out whether a light, medium, or dark depth is best for your particular complexion.

Choosing Concealer Color

While the choice between a cream and a liquid is totally based on your personal preference and has little science behind it, the color is an entirely different story.

The condition that you are trying to conceal will determine the color that you should use.

Darker circles that are black or deep blue will require a peach concealer for the best possible coverage.

Light-skinned women tend to have pinkish spots, which can also be caused by hay fever and allergies. These are best covered by a lighter yellow concealer.

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How To

Concealer Application

Most importantly, remember that the under-eye skin is extremely delicate and should handled very carefully.

Always use your ring finger (the weakest finger) to apply anything around the eye area. Always prep the area first and take care of any other issues before applying your concealer.

For example, if you have puffy eyes, apply a firming gel first. Use a small synthetic concealer brush, and apply three small dots underneath the eyes, beginning at the tear ducts.

Stroke each dot down and out to cover the whole area. Use your ring finger to blend by gently pressing down and rolling your finger over the area.

If your eyelids are a little pink too, you can add concealer to them to even out the tone. The concealer will actually double as an eye shadow base as well.

Let Your Hair Help

If your under-eye circles are particularly problematic, you can change up your hairstyle to help detract from them.

The right hairstyle will direct attention away from the problem area while the wrong one can actually accentuate those tired eyes.

Try giving yourself some bangs that are cut slanted and from a side part. The side-swept look automatically directs the gaze upwards, away from your eyes.

The same effect can be achieved with layers around your face. If you are serious about hiding those dark circles, a center part and horizontal fringe are big no-no's.

Both of these will actually frame your eyes and those dark circles are all anyone will see. Also avoid dark hair colors. If your natural color is dark, consider lightening things up a bit.

If a light all-over color is just not something you can handle, try some light highlights around your face. Not only will they detract from the dark circles, they will brighten up your entire face.

Choosing a cosmetics concealer is your first step to ridding yourself of tired eyes; it's also your ticket to staying out all night and having a few too many margaritas; no one will ever know.

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Choosing A Cosmetics Concealer
Updated December 27, 2012

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