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Sometimes the gap between the look you want and a look that you can realistically maintain can be too wide.

If your typical weekday, for instance, consists of exercise in the morning, then work, then shopping, then dinner, then housework, then sleep, chances are you won't be able to carry off some of the more labor-intensive styles you saw in the most recent issues of fashion or hairstyle magazines.

This is not to suggest that you are not attractive enough to wear your hair that way or that you don't possess the savvy and energy to make it work.

But the fact is that most busy women today simply don't have the time needed to do all the curling, teasing, spritzing, brushing, and blow-drying it takes to support an extravagantly coiffed head of hair.

Corine Touzet Flip Hairstyle

If you have the time, then its great. You will find plenty of helpful tips across our site.

But if not, you're probably better off adopting a more practical approach and matching your hairstyle to your lifestyle.

Shorter cuts, of course, are easiest to maintain, as are styles that accentuate the natural qualities of your hair.

If you have a stylist you know and trust, set aside 15 or 20 minutes to talk with her or him about your hair and the types of cuts that will allow it to grow out naturally without a lot of primping and preening.

Our guess is that you will not only save time every day for having done so, but also wind up looking better than ever.

Choose A Hairstyle ~ Variations on the Layered Look

If texture is what you're looking for, get a cut with plenty of layers built in to add movement but no blunt lines.

To break up straight lines, work a texturizing styling gel (Salon Selectives Kiwi Jasmine Texturizing Gel or L'Oreal Studio Line Mega Gel) or a leave-in conditioner (like Aussie Dew Plex) through damp hair, then blow-dry.

While blow-drying, use your fingers as a brush, tousling your hair at the roots. When your hair is dry, put a bit more gel on your fingers and separate out some pieces around your face, ears, etc.

If your hair is medium to thick, try shampooing every other day for a messier, more tousled look.

If added volume is what you want—fluffy, puffy, supermodel-y locks, the hair equivalent of a down jacket—leave the cap on the conditioner and blow-dry after washing, with your head forward, drying from back to front.

corine touzet hairstyle
Featured Style:
Corine Touzet styles a sassy look with this very flippy short hairstyle which adds volume at the top where many mature women need added thickness.

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Updated February 21, 2012

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