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Childhood Obesity Facts,
Causes Of This Increasing Child Obesity Rate

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Unfortunately, childhood obesity affects youngsters all over the world because they eat more calories than they burn, they feast on fast food and they lead sedentary lives. Children spend hours on couches watching television or playing video games.

In addition, researchers believe that the problem also stems from attitudes inherited from ancient ancestors who survived by storing fat in a world which had an unreliable food supply. Childhood obesity presents serious implications throughout the United States and increasingly in other developed countries.

The Facts Are Serious

Identifying the causes of this problem will hopefully lead to viable solutions. Experts in government, medicine and education have concentrated their efforts and research on the problem trying to figure out the causes because children and the entire society are in jeopardy.

Research studies document that adults and children are more overweight than ever before. It is not just a figment of the imagination. The experts maintain that childhood obesity is without doubt a major problem. There are many answers to their questions about the causes of childhood obesity, and the factors appear intertwined. More children are more obese than ever before.

Childhood Obesity Facts ~ Food Is A Very Big Factor

Dependence on fast food is an important variable in a search for answers and remedies, and a variable that must be researched to find solutions to this weighty problem. The propensity to eat fast food is a significant factor in this problem and this is a factor that can be fixed.

Research on the history of the problem provides a stepping stone toward a conclusion about the current situation and realistic solutions to the problem. Although it may seem like an excuse, the quest for survival and the genes of the earliest human ancestors seem to be a source of the problem.

Early human ancestors searched for food sources which were scarce and scattered. When the earliest humans found a source of food, they would eat heartily because they knew that their next meal might be distant and inadequate. In anticipation of the real possibility of starvation because of distant or nonexistent supplies that might be tricky to trap or harvest, early human beings stuffed themselves whenever possible.

Their systems stored the fat to secure their survival. Their bodies adapted by increasing the capacity to store the energy in an available food source as fat for use at a later time when necessary for survival. The descendents of these early Homo sapiens inherited a desire to consume for the future when the food sources might be unavailable at their location.

People today have the genetic makeup inherited from ancestors trying to survive in a world without local grocery stores. Most people on the Earth currently have a constant supply of food. They can depend on the essential food supply for survival.

Consequently, the human population stores nutrition like their ancient ancestors, but they eat their next meal before burning the fat from their last meal. Unfortunately, a great number of people are storing fat that they will never burn or use.

Technology provides many wonderful tools to enhance the lives of people around the world, but the use of technology is a cause of obesity in adults and children. Modern inventions now do chores that burned up calories in past generations.

People use motorized vehicles to get where they are going and other machines to do their chores. They ride busses or drive cars, but their ancestors walked to the same places.

Operating washers, mowers and power weed eaters do not burn up many calories.

People work at sedentary jobs in offices and this lifestyle compounds the problem.

People work at their desks while others perform menial tasks or strenuous labor for them. Farmers use power plows and harvesters. Our workers are devoted to service rather than farming.

The problem arises from other habits and modern lifestyles.

The problem is an epidemic. Scientific research shows that children start gaining weight after the age of three. Some researchers believe that there are many children who are obese by the age of seven.

Childhood Obesity Facts ~ Lifestyle Changes Are Needed

Young, obese children often suffer from low self-esteem because they do not feel good about their own body image. Research studies show that some children only eat fast food, and these same children spend several hours watching television after school. During a typical school day, children often spend half of their daylight hours in a sedentary position.

They sit in school, and they sit at home. Stringent academic standards leave less time for activity at recess times during the school day. Many school districts have eliminated physical education programs because of the pressures of academic achievement.

Modern children find themselves in a vicious circle. Neighborhoods are not as safe as they were in the past. Parents feel their children are more secure playing video games rather than basketball in the park. They exercise less, and then exercise becomes more difficult so they avoid any painful activity.

Government and community leaders search for solutions to the problem of childhood obesity along with parents and educators.

Doctors, nurses and nutritionists devote their lives to searching for an answer to a serious problem. Educational leaders try to adjust their school days for optimum results. Important voices in the media provide information on the problems and possible solutions.

Parents get tips for feeding their children by reading the newspapers and magazines. They will also find suggestions on physical activities for their children.

Efforts to identify and solve the problem have been beneficial, but the problem remains and intensifies. If identifying and discussing the problem could solve this problem, it would have been eliminated for there is no doubt that the problem exists, and there has been a great deal of lip service paid to childhood obesity.

Action based on the research and discussion is required to provide healthy, happy lives for the children of the world.
Childhood Obesity Facts

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Childhood Obesity Facts
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