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A child models career in the hope of many parents for their little one. Every Every parent looks at his or her child and believes that they have cornered the market on cute kids.  From the day their child was born, they just knew that he or she was special and out shined other kids in the same age group.

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Are You Up To A Child Models Career?

Some parents are content to live with this secret satisfaction, and treasure every milestone their child makes.  For others, that knowledge is put to business use, and they enter their kids into  the exciting world of modeling.

First, it should be understood that child modeling is a separate category from infants and toddlers, as well as teens.  A child models career tends to include the ages of five throughout the pre-teen years, and is considered to be a class of modeling in itself and is typically handled by modeling agencies that specialize in a child models career field.

It's Going To Take More Than Cute!

There is much more to being a child model than simply looking cute. It is common for work to be scarce for children until they can wear a size five. It is also very important that child models have an outgoing personality, are friendly, and easily understands and follows directions.

If a child is difficult to work with or is shy and introverted, it doesn't matter how cute they look, they will not make a successful child model. Child models and child actresses hold several things in common, the first is that children who are small for their age are better suited for this work. 

When a child is small for his or her age, they are more emotionally mature than younger children who are the same size. Whether shooting a television commercial or taking photos for a catalog or magazine. 

It is much better to use a nine or ten year old child who can appear as if they were six or seven, than it is to use a child of that age who might be immature and difficult to work with. 

Parents should recognize that child models are just that, children who model.  They often have short lived careers and though they might be perfect for a great deal of work between the ages of five and 12, once they reach the pre-teen and teen years, they might begin to have difficulty finding work, though this is not definite.

Brooke Shields enjoyed a modeling career and went on to enjoy a long lasting modeling and acting career. However, a parent should be prepared for the possibility that a  career might end once they hit their teen years.

Flippers Are Part Of The Job

Additionally, child models often work until they lose their baby teeth and their adult teeth come in. Adult teeth will put a halt to a child model's career, as it is clearly obvious that the child has entered an awkward stage. 

Some child models will use what's known as flippers, to keep working. Flippers are artificial teeth that fit over the child's real set, to give the appearance of baby teeth. 

Not only should a child be emotionally prepared for the requirements that modeling demands, but parents too must be certain that they are prepared for the challenge.

Parents of child models must attend every interview, photo shoot, and modeling session with their child. It is a huge commitment, not only on the child's part, but on the parent's as well. 

For a child's modeling career to be successful, both parent and child must be in agreement regarding the dedication and commitment to a child models career.
Author: Tanna Mayer

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