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Chic Black Bob

Naomi Campbell chic black bob hairstyle

When you are a supermodel like Naomi Campbell is, you often end up having your hairstyle changed often.

Different employers require different looks and you need to be adaptable. Fortunately for Naomi Campbell, her Bob hairstyle offers her a chic, sophisticated look.

Sleek Bobs like Naomi Campbell’s is adaptable for virtually any occasion.

Naomi was pictured wearing her chic style at the Cipriani & Deutsche Bank concert benefiting U.S. Funds for UNICEF.

You may not find yourself attending a red carpet event any time soon, but this chic little bob can easily take on your most formal affair.

This is a perfect hairstyle for African American women as it keeps your locks neat and stylish with very little effort.

If you tend to have natural curls, you may decide to have your tresses chemically straightened.

styling short black bob hairstyle

The Cut

Naomi Campbell’s style was fashioned when her stylist clipped her locks up to chin level.

The ends were made blunt which adds a polished and defined outcome to the hairstyle. Her hairstyle is made even more special by the addition of straight bangs that are even and thick.

Combined, these create the look of a square, which is ideal for masking a forehead that is high.

Naomi Campbell’s bob thankfully is not an exception to the basic bob hairstyle ‘rule’.

Straight Black Bob

This ‘rule’ of sorts basically states that practically anyone can wear a bob hairstyle beautifully.

The Bob is known for being the most adaptable hairstyle of all time.

It generally does not matter what face shape you have or what your hair type may be.

Your Bob may end up looking slightly different than someone else’s but they are all bound to look great.

This chic Bob worn by Naomi Campbell looks stunning as is.

However, you can always opt to clip the sides slightly back with accessories or even tuck your hair behind your ears for a somewhat different look.

Featuring Naomi Campbell

With your chic Bob hairstyle in place, styling your hair will take almost no time at all. In what seems like minutes you and your hair will be ready for anything.

styling short black womans bob hairstyle

Style Steps

  • After washing your hair, apply moisturizer to prevent your hair from drying out through the mid lengths down to the ends
  • A dab of sculpture lotion worked through with your palms is the next step on your way to a beautiful chic Bob
  • Clip your hair into small sections and with a round brush; blow-dry the back and sides of your hair under
  • When working on the crown and top sections of your tresses, lift for volume while drying. Your bangs should be rolled around the brush and dried in a forward motion
  • With some wax on your fingers, work the hair at the back of your head down; next lift your locks at the roots
  • Last, your bangs should be carefully pulled forward with wax on the tips of your fingers
  • A small amount of smoothing shine will control fly aways and add gloss to your tresses
  • Mist lightly with hairspray.


Naomi Campbell chic short bob hairstyle

Compliment your outfit as Naomi Campbell has done with a wide headband for a very trendy look.

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Chic Black Bob
Updated October 22, 2012

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