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Chers Fashion Style

Chers fashion style continues to inspire younger generations for being fashion forward, sexy and daring. Here is why is her iconic fashion style still making headlines?

Fashion Is a State of Mind

It feels like this fashion icon has been around for much longer than anyone can remember. Cher turned sixty five years old in May 2011.

Cher is a woman that understands the industry she works in, she knows what it takes to stay at the top. Of course the asset in question is really a single thing, the brand we know as Cher.

The true superstars of this world realize that their life is a performance and every time they step out the door they are marketing their own brand, Chers fashion style has kept her as one of the reigning queens of the social spotlight and she uses her fashion style to take the headlines from the competition.

Chers fashion style combines shock, awe and a good measure of humor looking somewhat cabaret in inspiration at times, reflecting back to her upbringing and showmanship.

Cher's fashion style is outrageous style simply because she believes she can and she knows she looks great. She knows she is a mega star and of course she has the raw talent to back it all up.

More Famous than the Beatles

Cher is a member of a very elite group of artists that are known world-wide by a single name. Interestingly when we looked at a few lists of 'the most famous people' we couldn't find one listing Cher, although according to Time Justin Bieber is one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

We guess that's the difference between short term fame where and the much deeper iconic status given to a very short list of celebrities who may not come to mind first but are rooted much deeper in our culture. Chers fashion style has had an impact for more than four decades.

Chers look was musically inspired. She started out as a session singer in the 60s and worked for the legendary Phil Spector. The young singer fell in love with a studio assistant by the name of Sonny Bono.

Together Cher and Sonny released records as 'Caesar & Cleo' before hitting the big time together as 'Sonny & Cher'. The duo hosted a glittering comedy TV show that marked Cher out as talented actress with great comic timing as well as a gifted singer.

Through all this of the smart and beautiful she was making good use of all her gifts and Cher's fashion style was incredibly unique from the onset and made her an instant sensation with the media and trend watchers.

Chers fashion style became far more creative after the much publicized break-up of her marriage to Sonny Bono.

By this time legendary Sonny & Cher had taken the multi-talented star into a glittering solo career, with feature films and movies followed by academy awards and of course more hit records.

She became a popular host and award giver bringing Chers fashion style to the front pages and red carpets frequently.

If You've Got It Keep Flaunting It

From the earliest days of her journey from session singer to international icon Chers fashion style has been manipulated to get her noticed.

Not one for simply following the trend however Cher has created her own fashion styles working amongst others with her long time designer Bob Mackie who is responsible for some of her most eye catching and jaw dropping outfits.

Chers fashion style launched many famous looks including the "bell bottom pant".

Perhaps the best way to sum up Cher's fashion style is in her own words: "Until you're ready to look foolish, you'll never have the possibility of being great."

Cher's fashion style is indicative of how she treats life as performance art. There are no half measures, using the finest designers to stunning effect showcasing her amazing physique so when she arrives everyone knows it. There is no mistaking the impact of Cher's fashion style.

Foolish is in the Eye of the Beholder

Cher's fashion style has not been without trial and error, and of course epic failures. However Cher's fashion style even when called 'fashion disasters' are for the most part no more accidents than her success on film.

It is a means by which she gets noticed (even bad publicity is good publicity) and many have emulated that strategy with less than half the success.

Was Cher's sheer outfit at the Spanish premier of the movie Burlesque an accidental wardrobe malfunction or an example of her grabbing media attention in Europe?

No. That was Cher's fashion style in action. Of course she doesn't always look perfect and no one can, however we should not confuse the over the top with unplanned.

There is nothing accidental about Cher's fashion style and this woman has a sense of humor, using each red carpet opportunity as a stage and chance to catapult her further into fame and recognition.

Time Tells All

Chers fashion style has evolved and matured along with her, as the decades have passed she has gone from stylish, sometimes cute, through to classic and refined frequently achieving (what some would call) outrageous.

One could just say Cher has mostly looked amazing or at least we're often amazed! 'On trend' may be a phrase Cher is aware of but it certainly has no hold on her and Chers fashion style is often trend setting with inspirations taken from some of the finest couture runways in the world.

Chers fashion style is enduring. At sixty five years of age and still looking fabulous fashionable and sexy, Cher is in a league of her own. It is clear why this superstar has had such longevity- she is stylish and gifted and not a bad role model either.

Chers fashion style has had more than four decades of popular culture influence and shows no sign of slowing down in the future.


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