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Ceramic Nail File Information

About Ceramic Nail Files

In searching for good quality nail care items, you may come across a ceramic nail file and be a bit surprised. Ceramic files are somewhat new to the scene but fill an important role in nail care for people with allergies to metal (metal nail files are among the most popular along with emery boards).



Basic Construction

A ceramic nail file has two different sides. One is rough for the initial work on any bumps and ridges in your fingernail. The other is smoother for fine detail work (very similar to the difference between coarse sandpaper and fine).

The feel of ceramic nail files is similar to an emery board, making it very comfortable and familiar for many people. As the name implies this particular nail file is ceramic, giving it great longevity and durability. It is, however, strongly suggested that the file be washed regularly as it can hold various funguses and infections on the surface otherwise.

Even with that caution, you can pretty much depend on a ceramic file to function for many, many years without any allergic issues. If you have sensitive hands, you’ll also find the ceramic files are gentler.

Using the File

You always want to begin with the rougher side of a ceramic nail file, and always go in one direction. The rough side can shape your nails. The smooth side provides a clean finish and a little polish to the whole look.

It is best to start at one corner and file toward the center of the fingernail. If you’re not comfortable in shaping with the file, you can use a nail clipper for the initial shape.

Cost Effectiveness

Generally speaking ceramic files last a very long time, so you will save money with it over the years and it offers good quality results. The initial layout is not that bad either averaging between $5.00 and $15.00.

What’s right for you?

Every nail file has elements that may or may not be right for your hands. Generally speaking nearly anyone can use a ceramic nail file, and they a re great if you’re looking for long-term solutions or hypoallergenic files. However, individuals on a tight budget simple emery boards might suffice.

Emery boards are not overly abrasive so they are good for sensitive hands. Unfortunately they’re not terribly durable, being made out of cardboard. Getting a good finish with emery boards takes a bit of time. After a while, you need to toss these.

A metal nail file can be re-used like ceramic but it is harsher and sometimes causes splintering. Metal nail files last a long time and wash up very nicely.

Glass nail files are great if you ever use artificial nails because you can apply them to both your real nails and the applied ones. Like ceramic they can be reused and seem to support overall nail health.


Choosing a nail file is not always easy. If you can find some place to test various types of nail files to see how they work, that would be ideal. Otherwise do a little research. Talk to other people who you notice taking care of their hands and nails, and read consumer reviews about a ceramic nail file.

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