Celebrity Perfumes

Endorsed celebrity perfumes are hotter than ever. Although fragrances do very well in the market, the addition of celebrity names carries sales even further. As recently as 2004, the fragrance market was worth well over twenty-two billion dollars, just in America.

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Celebrity Perfume Concept

Using the name of a well-known celebrity behind their fragrance ensures that sales stay high. Although the cost of celebrity perfumes and fragrances is often rather high, because it is hoped that they will sell well, much research and development is done on the fragrances.

Deciding whether or not it is worth spending money on a celebrity fragrance should come down to if the scent appeals to you, not whose name is on the bottle.

You should be aware when you decide to purchase a celebrity fragrance if you are doing it because you enjoy the aroma of the product. You do not want to purchse perfumes just due to the marketing and a famous name. Some of the fragrances endorsed by celebrity names are only special because of the name behind them.

The scent is in fact often fairly common with the only special element besides the name being the high price. There are of course others, though, that have a very exclusive scent that was actually created at least in part by the celebrity endorsing the fragrance. 

Memorable Celebrity Perfumes

Beyonce Knowles

True Star is the name of the fragrance promoted by Beyonce Knowles. This fragrance is very unique and worth taking the time to smell. True Star is not like any other fragrances on the market as it blends floral fragrances with toasted grain undertones creating an exceptional aroma. You should be sure this fragrance one that you really enjoy as it is a higher priced scent.

Jessica Simpson

Singing sensation Jessica Simpson endorses a fragrance that she helped to develop called Taste. This scent is a lovely sensual blend of vanilla, white chocolate, coconut and honey. You may find this somewhat tropical fragrance to be very worth the cost.

Donald Trump

Mega mogul Donald Trump is another celebrity who has a fragrance that carries his seal of approval. It is depicted as being spicy and peppery, this is a result of combining a blend of mint, cucumber and black basil. It contains what the maker portrays as an exotic plants that is a secret ingredient.

This fragrance is very exclusive so chances are that if this fragrance appeals to you, you will not be able to find another that is like it. Being as this fragrance is so original, you may consider the higher cost that comes from a celebrity backing the scent to be worth it.

Brittney Spears

Famous pop star Britney Spears endorses her own celebrity perfumes that are reflective of her Louisiana upbringing. Her fragrance combines magnolia with touches of jasmine, Anjou pear and lotus flower. Although you may like the aroma of her perfume, keep in mind that there may be similar fragrances available without a celebrity name and cost behind it.

Before you decide to purchase a celebrity scent, take a look around to see what else is on the market that you might enjoy. Perhaps there is a fragrance that you will like just as much that is not from a celebrity with a high cost attached.

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