Celebrity Encounters With The Rich And Famous

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Who doesn’t love flipping through the tabloids while waiting in line at the grocery store?  Or watching a probing interview on Larry King? 

Or just plain drooling over a sexy layout in a Vogue or Maxim of your favorite celebrity? 

We love to see ‘em, we love to hear about ‘em, but there is just nothing cooler or more thrilling than a real live celebrity sighting!

Maybe encounters with the rich and famous are old hat to you – very likely if you live in Los Angeles or New York or some other film industry mecca where the latest blockbuster might be shot. 

The rest of the folks from Arizona on out might find that sort of thing a bit more novel.

If you do happen to find yourself face to face with a real live star, and can’t help yourself from chanting, "oh my gosh, oh my gosh, it’s him!” over and over, consider your next move carefully. 

Many celebrities are so inundated with fans, paparazzi, and the like, that you may find your favorite actor or musician a little less than thrilled to be asked for his autograph over coffee at the local restaurant. 

Put yourself in his shoes… how would you feel if every time you turned around there was someone trying to take a picture or get a signature? 

That being said, some celeb sightings are too good to pass up.

So if you must, here is a handful of tips to make your encounter with the object of your adoration as pleasant as possible. 

Tips For Memorable Celebrity Encounter

celeb tips Don’t take this opportunity to critique your celeb’s latest work. Comments like, "I loved your earlier albums so much more. Are you gonna make any more like that?” Will almost ensure an unhappy reception.

celeb tips Even if you’ve seen this particular star in the flesh a number of times, try to resist reminding ‘em.  Yep, it was probably the highlight of your existence, but unfortunately, most likely not of theirs.

celeb tips Be gracious and smile. Say "please” and "thank you.” Many times celebrities seem to be treated with less respect than most folks would give to any regular person, just because there is a certain amount of assumed familiarity with them. 

celeb tips Make sure you’ve got a pen and something for them to sign, if an autograph is what you seek. 
Try to avoid mentioning how much those autographs go for on Ebay, too.

celeb tips Be brief. Five minutes may not seem like much to ask of someone whose career you feel you’ve followed for years, but think about how many other fans are waiting around and requiring those same five minutes. 

That being said, almost everyone has had at least one memorable celebrity encounter.  Here’s a grand opportunity to share yours!



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