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Cavegirl Costumes

There’s something about returning to our prehistoric roots, and getting to play cave girl on Halloween.

Get Primative

Whether it’s your attraction to animal print, or a desire to wear jewelry made of bones, getting primitive is "so simple even a cave girl can do it!”

Cavegirl garb can be just about anything with a tattered edge and an animal print or fur (faux, hopefully) trim.

Go super skimpy with a teeny mini skirt and bikini top, or a bit more modest with longer length and one or both sleeves.

Find what you are comfortable in and what flatters your figure. Small details like fringe add a layer of fun not normally found in prehistoric caves.

While traditionally, one would assume that cave girls went barefoot, you may want a little something.

Find flat platform flip-flops or other sandals with leopard printed straps, or add a small plastic bone across the band with hot glue.

A fuzzy or suede boot would work as well. Wear a wild, jungle woman wig with bone hair accessories, or make your own hair pins and jewelry to wear in your hair.

Carry around a big plastic club or a cute little stuffed dinosaur

Cavegirl Hairstyle Ideas

Cave woman hair can be styled almost any way you please, as long as it’s loose and messy sexy.

Oodles of volume and texture will definitely add oomph, so start out with hot rollers to add bend, and once rollers have cooled and been taken out, start in with a rattail comb to tease and backcomb to your heart’s content.

Once hair is big and full, tie it into pigtails or a loose up-do, or keep it long and loose with a leopard print scarf tied around your head, or the aforementioned bone barrettes.

Finish hair off with a flexible, high hold hair spray and add an extra spritz of shine spray.

While most women of modern times probably kept their beauty regime to a minimum (maybe the occasional water rinse, or exfoliating with a rock), you can have the added bonus of all the modern things we gals use to get glam.

If you have short hair there are great cave woman wigs complete with updo ponytails and bone hair barrettes.

Costume Inspiration

Cave Girl Costume Idea

Cavegirl Makeup Ideas

Once the big hair is set, let’s decide on big makeup.

If you’d like to go authentic with minimal color, and even a smudge or two of wild woman dust, go right on ahead. Wear a glossy peach lip color, some mascara and eye liner, and you’re all set.

If you’d like a little more pop in your look, try doing a big smokey eye with neutral or bronzey colors, and top it off with fake eyelashes.

Add a gold-toned lipgloss and some shimmery bronze blush and you’ll be the most glamorous cave girl ever to hit the new millennium!

And with the upcoming "Cavemen” movie on it’s way, there is sure to be no shortage of hot prehistoric men to partner your costume (hey, it worked for actor Brendan Frasier, who started out in "Encino Man”).

And to complete your look,add cave girl jewelry: bones really were a girl's best friend!
Add a bone tooth necklace with black beads for the perfect accessory.



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Cavegirl Costumes

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