Catwalk Modeling With Curves

Ever since Twiggy hit the fashion world it seems like catwalk modeling with curves for fashion shows has been seen less and less. Thinness has been "in" and became a standard to which models around the world strove to appease. However things have been changing lately. Suddenly catwalk modeling with curves is coming back – also in television shows, advertising, fashion design and the runway too! 

Catwalk Modeling With Curves

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What Happened?

Up until 1950 curves had always been a part of the look of "real women.” When the craze to be thin took over, it seemed that size 1 was the expectation. For real women everywhere this was frustrating, and it certainly took its toll on models. 

We have seen fashionistas literally diet themselves to death in order to stay on the catwalk. Specifically in 2006 Luisel Ramos collapsed in a fashion show. Her body mass was way below what’s healthy. 

Six months later her 18 year old sister Eliana died from a starvation diet. Just three months prior to that Brazilian model Ana Carolina died from anorexia as well. 

The shock of those deaths (and the controversy they spurred) has helped begin a new, healthier trend in modern styling – a trend that includes normal women, plus sizes and REAL curves. Beyond the focus toward healthier and more realistic looking models, designers realized that they were overlooking a sizable market.

Urban clothing designers have done this since nearly day one, which explains the loyalty they receive from many clients.  Other designers like Elena Miro began focusing on women of all sizes and shapes, celebrating the female form, to the tune of some 180 million dollars annually. Talk about "big is beautiful!”

Curves Around The World

Since this trend began all manner of runway shows have been scheduled around the world for curvy models. For example, a plus size show called "Let them Eat Cake” put curves on the catwalk in New Zealand. The models for this program ranged from size twelve to size 24! Better still, these were not just fresh-faced teens but women of all ages up to 67. 

Let’s hear it for diversity. No longer must the super-skinny model dominate the runway and the minds of American women as being the ideal for which to strive. The new message: love the skin you’re in. This doesn't mean being unhealthy, but an acceptance that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. 

What's The Key To Curves?

Dressing women with curves can be tricky in that each woman curves a little differently. The key to success is accenting the positive.

For example, a jacket that cuts across a woman’s hips doesn't draw as much attention to a voluptuous bottom as a short jacket might.

Similarly dark colored clothing downplays less attractive regions, allowing for bright playful companion pieces. The exciting thing for curvy women is that we now live in a truly global community.  So the new pieces hitting the catwalk and the market can reflect all manner of cultures and influences for that truly personal fashion flair. 

Catwalk Modeling With Curves
Is Athletic, Strong, and Sexy 

The return to catwalk modeling with curves is a very positive transition in an industry that is sometimes way too consumed with exterior perfection. The models in these shows could be someone next door, and that’s a comforting and uplifting image for everyday women.

This is a way for curvy women to reclaim their confidence – honoring everything it is to be female. Watch for more and more catwalk modeling with curves. 

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