Casual Hairstyles

You can take many different women from completely different backgrounds and the one thing that most of them would have in common is the desire to look wonderful without a lot of effort.

casual hairstyle

Casual styles that are medium length give women a lot of flexibility which is on the top of most ladies hairstyle wish list. These casual styles are also just the thing for busy women- which most of us are.

Every woman wants to appear on top of her game when she leaves the house, but whether you are in a desk all day or running after children, there are just not enough hours to spend primping.

Let’s face it, with busy schedules, it is often women and their needs that come last, and that definitely includes time to style your locks. Casual styles are just what the hair doctor ordered if this sounds like you and the life that you lead! However, a great casual hairstyle is perfect for all females regardless of age or lifestyle.

Casual Hairstyles Are Mainstream

Another appeal to a large quantity of women with casual hair styles is that they are modern and up to date without being too edgy and extreme. There are so many different casual styles to pick from that regardless of where your tastes lay, there will be a casual hairdo for you.

This is also true in that you can and should always alter any casual hairstyle that you like to fit in with your particular hair type and condition. Your beautician is the right person to book a consultation with so that they can help you determine the ideal casual style for you.

Once you have found a casual look that you like, as with all other styles, the key is in the cut. A proper cut will make your casual hairstyle look the best that it can and will aid you in cutting down on style time. In fact, a large number of casual hairstyles are almost wash and wear- or can be on the days that you want to go as fuss free as possible.

Never let anything hold you back from fun, casual hairstyles. It does not matter what age you are, you can just as easily wear your hair in medium length, casual hairstyles that are designed to flatter as any other woman can. With the right cut, you can enjoy casual, medium length hairstyles and rest assured that you and your hair are always fantastic.

Style Steps

  • Wash your hair with products made for your hair type
  • Use a wide tooth comb to detangle towel dried tresses
  • A golf ball dollop of styling mousse should be worked through your hair with your fingers 
  • Dry your hair in sections while using a rounded brush 
  • The ends of this casual style can be flipped over or under depending on your mood
  • If your casual hairstyle has bangs, dry them in the direction of your choice
  • A large barrelled curling iron can be used for flipping your ends or adding some interesting elements to your style
  • Mist with hairspray for hold, spray shine also adds a nice glossy finish

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