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Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra is well known for wearing her locks long and casual. Carmen's long, casual hairstyle features an abundance of layers for volume and pieced ends for texture.

carmen electra

Carmen is known for being bold, and her hairstyle completely reflects her personality. A middle part calls the attention of your eye straight to the center of the face which is a perfect way to highlight facial features.

Another excellent reason for having your ends layered like Carmen Electra does is to reduce weight which keeps your hair light and flowing instead of heavy and lacklustre.

Carmen Electra’s locks are incredibly thick, however, you can, with a few modifications where necessary wear this style even if your hair is fine or medium in texture.

This long, casual, hairstyle features highlights and lowlights throughout with a slightly more intense set of highlights framing her face. Playing with color like this brings depth and shine to your hairstyle which is just as important as a fantastic cut.

Long, casual hairstyles like Carmen Electra’s work beautifully with her oval, bordering on triangular face shape. You should always try to pick your hairstyles based on what shape of face that you have to ensure that your look compliments and flatters your features.


Styling Steps ~ Carmen Electra's Hairstyle


style steps Wash your hair with products ideal for your hair type

style steps Towel dry gently and mist with leave in conditioner for additional protection

style steps Detangle with a wide tooth comb and create a center part, working from your forehead backward

style steps Apply about a palm full of mousse throughout your hair

style steps Attach a diffuser to your blow dryer and work in small sections scrunching lightly with your fingers until your locks are completely dry

style steps Use a medium barrelled curling iron, again working in small sections around your head

style steps Comb your locks with your fingers to release waves and arrange your hair with your hands

style steps Piece the ends of your hair with some styling wax applied sparingly with your fingers

style steps Mist gently with a light hold hairspray, this will control fly away strands but will not inhibit movement.

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Carmen Electra Hairstyles
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