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Cancer Support And Rebirth

This page, Cancer Support And Rebirth is for you. Submit and share your story, how it was easy and how it was not.
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cancer hair loss


First Picture with fuzzy hair A friend showed me a site called and that she had shorn her hair for Children's Cancer support.

Its just kind of funny, but I decided to do it with her.

No, its not March, which is when the big push is for donations and such. Yet I had been thinking of my nephew who died of cancer.

I also have been working on the "who i am" question. therefore it was kind of working together as an incentive to shear my hair.

It is a change, and a conquest to allow rebirth for me. Although I AM hoping I can raise some money for the cause. Ask me for more info if you are interested! It's an enlightening thing to do.

I am still a bit shy, but am getting over it. I have received compliments and support at doing this too. Rebecca

cancer hair loss


I was diagnosed with alopecia when I was twenty. I have gone completely bald twice now, each time being at least a year in length.

I honestly can say that I really don't mind being bald, it's easier to manage, I take up less water in the shower, and my boyfriend absolutely loves that he doesn't get my hair in his mouth anymore.

It's been a little over a year since I went completely bald for the second time (shaving off what little hair I had left) and I'm not sure I would let my hair grow back now even if it was coming back in.

I receive hugs and support from lots of other women, primarily ones who shave their heads as well! I do get asked a lot if I'm a pink warrior, and feel kind of bad when I have to explain that what I have is not life-threatening, but I wouldn't have it any other way! Holly

rhonda pixie style wig


Hi Show Your Style, My name Rhonda from Trinidad in Tobago.

I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer early this year. I had a full length of dreadlocks touching the middle of my back.

It took six years to reach its length, however life sometimes throws you curve balls and because of the Chemo, it began to fall out.

I decided after seeing three locks in my hand and not on my head to cut it off and purchase a human hair pixie styled wig. The color is dark brown with reddish and gold highlights.

Its layered to the back and razor cut to the front. Ironically I feel refreshed and re-vitalized after putting the wig and taking photos of me in it.
With thanks Rhonda

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