Cancer Hair Loss And Baldness A Vision By Janelle Hughes

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As many of us have found, women’s intuition is nothing to scoff at, even when it is that of a woman to be. Sometimes the six sense of a female is right on the mark- even if we may wish that it was not.

Janelle Hughes felt from a very young age that she would one day have cancer, and sadly, she was right. Diagnosed in 2006, before she was even twenty five years old, Janelle Hughes began her battle with breast cancer.

Although surely devastating news, Janelle did not let the cancer get her down and instead, chose to embrace everything that this disease had to teach her.

For starters, Janelle, like many young women was shy and insecure. Cancer taught her that life is short and she began to open up and to allow her self to form new friendships and bonds that may have otherwise never come into her life.

Not to mention the fact that becoming bald from cancer treatments did not even begin to slow Janelle Hughes down. If anything, the complete opposite was true. Janelle began to realize that both she and others would need to accept her for who she was a very freeing thought process indeed.

Janelle had a dream, a vision where other women who also had cancer could feel good about themselves. From this idea bloomed Bald is Beautiful, a place where women could find options that would make them feel good when they lost their hair to cancer or for any other reason.

Baldness is a part of cancer for many women and should never be something that they are ashamed of or feel the need to hide. Janelle created a web site where women could go for information and ideas on how to showcase their baldness while still feeling womanly and beautiful.

Although some ladies will opt to make use of wigs, not everyone can afford the cost and or they find them too uncomfortable, Janelle knew these women needed another alternative.

Jeweled headdresses and airbrushing are two ideas that Janelle came up with to offer women a beautiful way to work with their loss of hair. The appointments are relaxing and fun and geared towards offering women a good time while they pick out what they want to wear on their heads.

Sadly, Janelle Hughes cancer spread and she knew that she would not be able to continue on with her dream. However, for Janelle, this was never a mission of personal glory but rather as a way to help ladies cope with cancer hair loss.

All that Janelle wanted was someone else to recognize the importance of her vision and to carry on her work for the cancer patients that would come after she was gone.

Janelle realized that women affected by cancer already feel scared and vulnerable; they do not need to feel like they are not feminine as well. Her idea of head dresses and air brushing is her creative way of embracing her womanly side while still dealing with the reality of the cancer afflicting her body and cancer hair loss.

There are many different types of cancer, some that even sadly take away parts of your body. It is during a process such as this; even more than any other time in your life that you need to feel as if you are still attractive. A beautiful head dress or air brushing can do this for you in a way that a hat, bandanna or uncomfortable wig can not.

Another important reason that Janelle had for creating these choices for women is that, especially when they first loose their locks and facing cancer hair loss, many women are not mentally ready to face the world without something on their head. Being bald is nothing to be ashamed of at all, but that does not mean that it is easy to face when you have lost your hair.

Through all of the hardships that she was dealing with in her struggle with cancer, Janelle cared enough about other women to want to find a way in that becoming bald and cancer hair loss would be something that would still allow these ladies to feel beautiful.

With her creative side, sensitive nature and first hand knowledge on exactly how becoming bald from cancer can affect a female, Janelle was the perfect person to start a project such as this.

Not only has Janelle done all of this, but she still wanted to give something else. Janelle was planning that ten percent of all profits that she made from Bald is Beautiful would go straight back to cancer research. Fundraising was also essential in Janelle’s vision and at every event she longs to have a team of airbrush artists creating designs, again with donations being made to researching cures for cancer.

Other dollars brought in will go to a range of various wonderful projects that Bald is Beautiful are pleased to support as well.

No matter how sick she got, Janelle never lost her upbeat attitude and her desire to keep coming up with methods that women who lost their hair to cancer or from other reasons could still feel special and beautiful.

Janelle with her first had experience with cancer was also intuitive enough to know that although it might be better in the end for women to have other options than hats or bandannas to cover their baldness, that head dresses and air brushing would still be hard at first.

It does not matter how wide and lovely your choices may be, most ladies would prefer to still have their actual hair. Once that part of the grieving processes from your cancer diagnoses has been laid to rest and you are able to become comfortable with your situation, it is the perfect time to explore the options that Janelle has put forth for you in showing how beautiful that bald really can be!

Her determination, dedication and compassion for other women will not stop with her sad passing. There are many people who are committed to continuing on with Janelle Hughes cause to make every woman with cancer feel like they are still worthy and beautiful.
Cancer Hair Loss And Baldness


"If you believe you are beautiful,
everyone will see it."

Janelle Hughes

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