Cute Cameron Diaz Hairstyles

These cute Cameron Diaz hairstyles show you would be seriously hard pressed to find a single hairstyle that this beauty does not wear well. Cameron has worn her hair long, shorter and medium length and always looks lovely.

Cameron Diaz Hairstyles

Calling All Angels
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Cameron also alters the style of her bangs slightly but generally keeps to wearing longer bangs that are typically swept to the side. This adds sophistication and beloved elements of drama, especially when she sports an updo.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you are searching for the perfect hairstyle is your face shape. Cameron has a heart shaped face and always wears styles that compliment and flatter the shape of her face. You can tell that you have a heart shaped face if, like Cameron Diaz, your face is narrow at the jaw and turns wider through the forehead and cheekbones.

Cameron Diaz Messy Bob Style

Whichever of the Cameron Diaz inspired hairstyles that you choose for your own, always visit your stylist on a regular basis. This will keep your locks trimmed and in top shape. No matter what look a person sports, your hair will always look its best with the proper care.

Layers and Razoring

Often times, regardless of the hairstyle that Cameron wears, she makes using of razoring on the ends to give her look maximum movement. Layers and razoring are a fantastic way to add new life to a hairstyle. Through the use of layers and techniques like razoring on the ends of hair, you can show different sides to a hairstyle, offering movement, depth, volume and so much more.

Typically too, Cameron Diaz hairstyles are easy to care for. She is the queen of easy to care for hairdos that look incredible. For most of the hairstyles that Cameron chooses, you can follow the following styling steps with modifications made to work with the exact hairstyle of your choice.

Style Cameron's Cute Flipped Style

  • Wash your hair with products meant for your hair type
  • Detangle with a wide tooth comb and disperse styling mousse throughout with your fingers, avoiding the roots if your hair is too fine to prevent your locks being left heavy
  • Use a round brush and blow dry downward in manageable sections
  • Once dry, lift and spritz with a volumizing spray at the roots 
  • You can leave as is, or use a wide barrelled curling iron to create wave throughout 
  • Finger comb and go!

Calling All Angels
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