Calming Baby Fragrance To Soothe

Try a calming baby fragrance to soothe your little one. Your newborn has been through so much coming into this new world.   She ate and slept comfortably and soundly inside of your uterus that was filled with everything she needed to grow and live.

Calm Sleeping Baby

Now she is outside of that comfort place and out in the huge world, not knowing what to expect anymore. You have also just been through a lot, and your emotions and feelings must be all over the place. You have given life to a new human being.

You have sacrificed pain and more for your baby. Both you and your newborn are probably feeling quite inundated, thrilled and fatigued from the whole experience of giving birth.

Why Your Baby Needs Soothing And Calming Reassurance

Safely helps to ease your little one's recovery from birth and adjustment to life outside the womb. Your baby was soothed in your uterus by the sound of your voice, floating, swaying, warm, and was in such a calm place.

In what might seem like an instant to your baby she has been taken away from that wonderful place and is now in a new place that is bright and noisy. This can be all too overwhelming for your baby.

The physical touches of others can sometimes be too much for your newborn to handle because they did not get that during the months in your uterus. It was also quite dark in there, not bright.

Their snug little home is gone and she might be feeling a little scared and lost, although you are doing everything you can to help her adjust to this world and feel more safe.

We can't remember being born and we hardly even think about it. However, it must be the most difficult adjustment anyone has ever had to make.

How To Soothe And Calm Your Newborn

There are many ways you can soothe your newborn and help her feel more secure. One of these ways is with handmade scents that are chosen from specific flowers.

NaturalEco WelcomeBaby Flower Essence has a variety of scents to help soothe your newborn baby. We all need to feel that we belong and we all need to feel safe. Your baby needs this more than anyone, and Welcome Baby Essence can help do this with its calming and natural scents.

Little Bare Baby Feet

Soothe And Calm Baby With Natural Flower Essence

The scents of flowers in this baby oil help to heal your body and mind with vibrations. Certain flower scents can do a lot for your newborn baby. It is completely natural and has no synthetic ingredients. It is safe for you and your baby. Your baby can enjoy the scents in her bath, or even in her bottle to help soothe her when she is feeling scared.

Being a mother is just as new to you as being a baby is to your newborn. You both learn your ways by experience and with time. You can get advice from others and read about the best ways to create routines and rules with your partner. Welcome Baby Essence calming baby fragrance can help you and your baby with natural, soothing flavors and scents.

NaturalEco WelcomeBaby Essence contains the following pure and undiluted flower essences in a unique 100% natural hand bottled formula:

Sweetpea Flower

Sweetpea flower essence provides a calm and quiet internal environment when the physical world is a whirl of activity. This essence will promote inner peace and impart a sense of belonging in the universe.


Thyme is an energizing essence which also enhances awareness of both the conscious and subconscious mind.


Baeometra is a revitalizing essence which will address exhaustion and impart a sense of new promise and optimism. For the newborn baby who is fatigued from the birth process, Baeometra will give energy and enthusiasm for this new life and environment.

Cauliflower Essense

Cauliflower essence is specifically for shock sustained during the birth process and helps to release the pain and trauma of entering the world.


Rosemary flower essence brings a sense of security, comfort in one's physical body and a feeling of inner peace and warmth.

Dune Calendula

Dune Calendula essence is used for periods of change and transition. This essence imparts the knowledge that you are never alone and the sense of being cared for and guided through the difficult times. Also gives spiritual strength and courage.


Petunia essence enhances inspiration and creativity, thereby allowing the realization of dreams.

A sense of wonder and an inner optimism at the possibilities of the future are encouraged by this natural flower essence.

(WelcomeBaby Essence contains no animal products,
gluten, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives in the calming baby fragrance )

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