Caffine Addiction,
Are Caffeine Levels Keeping You Awake At Night?

Caffeine Stimulation

"There are both external as well as internal stimulates that you should stay away from if you have trouble sleeping and Caffine is high on the list "

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The following foods and beverages contain caffeine, sugars, and chemicals that may affect the way you relax, think, and feel. This does not mean that you have to remove these items from your diet all together. However, It does mean that you should keep away from them in the evenings

Caffeine does affect everyone in a different way, however it is typically known as a stimulant and many people do experience true caffine addiction.

Caffeine increases your heart rate makes both your mind and body alert. If you do enjoy products that contain caffeine, limit your intake to at least three to four hours before bed. Although it is probably the best known product containing caffeine, you can be find this stimulant in drinks other than coffee. This includes colas, non-herbal teas, and chocolate drinks.

Caffine Addiction - Chocolate
Chocolate not only contains caffeine but and vast amounts of sugars as well. Since sugar stimulates your body and mind you should stay away from chocolate in any form at least two to three hours before bed.

Soda Drinks And Pop are not only made-up of large amounts of sugar, but they also have the additional influence of caffeine and caffine addiction. It is not just the stimulants found in soda drinks that a person needs to worry about. There is also the impact that carbonation can cause on your body such as bloating and stomach gas.

Caffeine Levels In Beverages And Drugs ~ Alcohol
Alcoholic beverages should not be consumed just prior to going to bed. Although alcohol may make you tired and allow you to fall asleep easily, you may find yourself waking during the night feeling dehydrated and have trouble falling asleep again.

Even though an evening glass of wine may help to sooth you, it is never a good idea to rely on alcohol as a sleep aid. If you use alcohol regularly to induce sleep, you could develop a reliance on alcohol to signal your body that it is time for sleep, ultimately leading to addiction.

Caffine Addiction and caffeine Levels In Beverages And Drugs
Smoking may find themselves having to deal with sleep problems. This is because when your body is used to receiving nicotine on a regular basis, it can signal your body to wake during the night as your body's need for nicotine increases toward the morning hours.

If it possible for you to do so, attempt to reduce the amount you smoke before bed. Even though your goal is to fall asleep naturally, you also want to make sure you can stay asleep all night.

Caffine Addiction And Caffeine Levels In Beverages And Drugs

Coffee (5oz. Cup)
Brewed, Drip Method - 60 - 180 mg caffeine
Instant 30 - 120 mg caffeine
Decaffeinated 1 - 5 mg caffeine

Tea (5 oz. cup)
Brewed 60 - 180 mg caffeine
Instant 25 - 50 mg caffeine
Iced (12 oz. Cup) 67 - 76 mg caffeine

Dark/semisweet 1 oz. - 5 - 35 mg caffeine

Soft Drinks
Cola (12 oz.) 36 - 47 mg caffeine

Non-prescription Drugs
Dexatrim 200 mg caffeine
No Doz 100 mg caffeine
Excedrin 65 mg caffeine


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