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Buying Pure Essential Oils And Getting What You Pay For

Tips on Buying Pure Essential Oils

buying essential oilsKnow that you have learned a little about all that pure essential oils have to offer, you are probably want to try some. If you have never bought any before you are going to need a few tips on buying essential oils.

Always remember that anyone, no matter who they are, trying to sell you essential oils, is doing so to make a profit. And as with any other product this is fine, as long as you get what you pay for.

Read The Labels

There are some dishonest sellers will try to sell you substances that are not truly pure essential oils. Read the labels to see what the oils actually are. If the label says "natural identical oil," then this is clearly not the actual essential oil you are looking for.

If the label says "fragrance oil," or "perfume oil," you can be sure this oil is not one single essential oil but at best a mixture and at the worst some chemical concoction.

Pure Essential Oil Containers And Bottles

The containers your essential oils are bottled in are important, pure essential oils are usually sold in dark glass bottles. Plastic containers can actually melt right into the oil and destroy the effectiveness and sometimes the safety of essential oils and clear bottles let the light ruin good oils.

The Price Of Pure Essential Oils

When you see all of the essential oils selling for the same set price this is an indicator that something is wrong. Pure essential oils made from the more exotic plants, or plants with little oil, obviously should cost more.

The shop may be charging too much for some of their oils, or are not supplying a quality product in all cases. Essential oils used in the food, beverage, or the fragrance industry are treated in a different way from pure essential oils.

These oils undergo more processing which often lessens their effect for physical or psychological healing. Always ask if this is the source of the essential oils you are buying.

Customer Relations

Finally, it is well worth your while to consider a vendor has a good customer relations policy. If a shop gives you a chance to test their oils before you buy them, it can give you the peace of mind that they are offering you a quality product.

Many Essential Oil stores and online sites sell sample packs of their pure essential oils and aromatherapy oils.. This is an excellent way for you to sample both their oils and service. When employees are happy to answer your questions and give you more information, it further enforces that they are reputable.

Staff should be able to give you information about the particular essential oils you are considering, know where the oils are from and what distillation method was used. Also know the store or sites return policy before you buy. Only when you are fairly confident that a vendor is offering a good product along with good customer service should you buy.

Do take it slow when buying your oils and limit how much you do buy on your first order so that you are sure this is a company you want to do business with long term.


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Buying Pure Essential Oils

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